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Pulled the trigger on a new seat

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  1. JozhH

    Since I have been using my bike as my primary means of transportation, and I have been racking up the miles to the tune of almost 600 miles a week, I figure I should invest in a seat that will provide a little more comfort than the stock seat offers. I ordered a Corbin Classic Solo seat. I chose to have the seat material used be Shiny Black Alligator Leather and the side panels in Asphalt Vinyl.

  2. DaweGCF

    Been thinking about the Corbin seat myself. Let us know what you think about it when you get it.

  3. peertuge

    I like the gator skin let us know how it pans out.

  4. Cabri103

    Josh you are making it REALLY difficult to hold out for the Ultimate Seat....Really!
    Looks fine!


  5. JozhH

    I'll be sure and post pictures of it on the bike when I get it and post up my thoughts. Hopefully I'm not disappointed.

  6. HenrjD

    wifes-new-bike-1 is the thread of some pictures of the wife's ride. She has a Corbin Solo Seat and so far, the seat is great. It locks you into place and seems to be nice. Maybe she will post her thoughts later. We are planning a good long ride the weekend of Oct. 16th. She will really be able to tell by then.

    On a side note.....the backrest. Did you order one of those also? If so, you may really want to look at it. My wife was not able to sit on the bike and the backrest touch her back at all. The angle of the tube that holds the backrest is such that it is impossible. Even with me on the bike, the backrest in its lowest position, I could lean backwards and touch it but it was not at all comfortable. We called Jessica at Corbin back and shipped it to her with some pictures. It is supposed to arrive in a couple days and we will be able to see what they did to fix it and if its any better. Supposedly they are going to build it up some more.......we shall see. Not trying to rain your parade, just a heads up.

    It has taken Corbin over a month to get the backrest turned around......somewhat unacceptable in my opinion.

  7. tprocg300

    Is Corbin having problems with the solo seat? The solo seat isn't listed on thier web site anymore. I bought one about a month ago and have been happy with it and have had no problems.

  8. HenrjD

    Is Corbin having problems with the solo seat? The solo...

    Nope, no problems with the solo seat itself......just the fit and function of the backrest. The "crease" in the seat, where your butt fits, and the angle in which the backrest rises, are so far from vertical it would not work at all. I tried to explain that to them and even asked that they modify the backrest "post" to allow it to work. They said that they would not alter the post at all. I had the backrest in its lowest position and it wasnt close enough to use, and if you increased the height of the backrest, (it has 3 height positions) you actually increase the distance from your body. Would have NEVER worked right at all in its highest position.

    So anyway.....I wasn't aware that they pulled the seat from their line-up, but in my opinion, it should have been pulled due to the issues with the backrest. I am glad to see it was yanked honestly.......they need to lick their calf and make it where it fits as well as it functions.

  9. migera25

    I need the backrest, didn't want to hear that about the corbin seat, I think I'll get the mustang seat sometime this winter since you can't get one now.


  10. purneyr

    I have the Corbin Duel Tour, bought it from MightyVstar on here.

    I already had a back rest because my Burkman 650 scooter has a corbin/w backrest. The back rest is interchangable with the 950 seat.

    Anyway, it camme with 4 different length screws for attaching the backrest tube under the seat. The different length screws move the backrest forward or back as needed. I had no trouble finding the correct screw to make the back rest fit exactly where I needed it.. Maybe the solo works differenntly tho, so I don't know about it.

    My duel, as can be seen in the link above is so deep and the passenger part built up innto a high back you hardlly need a back rest, but I do like the extra high back rest. Also love the corbin. It is firm as stated many times. BTW, I had an opportunity to sit on an ultimate (Vstar 1300 model) in panama city last weekennd annd it is very plush indeed. When the 950 model is released I expect it will be about $100 more than a mustang or corbin. I also talked to a guy there with an ultimate on a 1300 and he was completely convinced. he said it was about the same height as stock but mmaybe moved him 1" forward. It's a good posibility the 950 will be very much like the 1300 seat.

    My wife is going for a mustang for her 950, she previously had a mustang on 650 and is sold on the mustang.



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