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PSC Monster Pros Help Plz

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  1. Grupjkluddon

    Evidently I forgot to tighten up the rear nuts on the exhaust when I was putting it back on. Anyone know what size the nuts are on these? They look like they might be 1/4 20's but perhaps larger. I gotta get out to a hardware store and grab a couple before I start doing my riding today.

  2. webster98

    if your talking about the bracket bolts its either 1/4" or 5/16"

  3. Grupjkluddon

    Yeah I got it now. Went to ACE and grabbed two sizes, happened to be the 5/16. One less thing rattling that I have to figure out. Oh the fun of tearing your bike down and putting it back. Something is always loose.

  4. stevelittle

    If you are like me it is always that big nut holding the handle bars..........

  5. Grupjkluddon

    If you are like me it is always that big...

    That's the last thing I want coming off while I'm riding! lol

  6. webster98

    definately dont want to drop a nut while riding but i have been told i have a screw loose before

    locktight is my bestest buddy in the whole world


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