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  1. MigejCojode

    Ok I know the bike, even watched the tail end of it being built on 650CCND and can tell you that who-ever gets this bike gets a well put together one of a kind. To that end I'll put it here as well:

  2. yaro

    nice looking bike!

  3. wdvinpop

    thumbs up!!! on posting this mike, I'm sure metric sal will appreciate it. it's a shame he has to sell it. but it is one bad scoot. i remember also when he was putting it together.

  4. retzdaret

    Dang that is a shame. Sal is a really great guy. He got me a deal on my Mustang Seat when I bought it. That is a incredible bike. I hope it goes to someone who knows what they are getting.

  5. MigejCojode

    Ya that man did a pile of R&D while we all watched. Another guy I learned lots off of. There are so many one-off parts on that bike there will never be another like it. I was wishing he'd sell me the pipes. Hope he can get a half decent price for it, I figure it would be worth 10-12G but he'll never see it.

  6. SlovBoj

    ... no way! It's a shame, a damn shame!


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