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  1. MikhdjVSdar

    Hey all -

    Thanks to VTvinChic, I decided to contact Progressive to help the cause ... I sent this on Saturday:

    "I would like to check and see if there is any possibility of any
    suspension development for the 2009 Yamaha V-Star 950T. The bike,
    from the factory, does not ride bad, but could use improvements on
    both the front and rear. The rear is a hidden mono-shock, which I
    believe would take a 420-series shock. The factory suspension, while
    adequate for riding solo, does not seem to be well-suited for riding 2-
    up for long distances, and I think that a progressive suspension is
    just the ticket!

    If there is any development on suspension products for the V-Star
    950T, please let me know; if not, I would be happy to help in any way

    I have used Progressive Suspension on my past motorcycles, and have
    been pleased with the quality and the ride provided by your products.
    I hope that I may continue to do so on my new bike!:

    I received this reply:

    This bike is on the list for a must have app. The more requests
    we get the better more fuel for the fire.

    Thank you.

    Justin Barber
    Progressive Suspension
    Customer Service Lead Tech
    6911 Marlin cir
    La Palma, CA

    So everyone who wants Progressive (front, back either way!) PLEASE email is not in your list of contacts. Create a new contact?


    Hopefully we can get both front springs AND a new rear shock (I know the rear isn't bad, but if you change it out to a Progressive, it will give you a whole new view .... trust me! )

  2. formerfuss

    I too sent them a request for information on the fron springs, about 10 days ago. Their reply was that at this time there were no springs for our model.

  3. VTvinChic

    Mighty... that request you submitted to Progressive was well stated. As I've said before, if there is something you want from a manufacturer, you just have to keep after them with the requests - that's how they know it needs to be on their "Must Haves" list, as Jason indicated.

    Good work, all - keep those requests rolling for any product for this bike. It is so new that we have to be very proactive in order to get what we want. Otherwise, manufacturers will just sit on their thumbs until their competitor starts motion on the 950s... and we just can't wait for that! lol!

  4. MikhdjVSdar

    We definitely need to stay together as an owner community to get this products out; VTvinChic, you have definitely convinced me of that, and the power of doing so!!! And thanks for the compliment!

    Oddly enough, Ohlins makes a rear shock for the euro version of our bike, the 950 Midnight Star ... problem is that shock costs almost $1000!!!

    Hope we can show them that this bike is a good one to develop for ...

    Here's a link to the Ohlins:

    This post has been edited because I have fat fingers ....


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