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  1. yuanchofer2

    I have notice for a few weeks that I try to start the bike and nothing happens. I try for the second time and the starter works and the bike starts. This is a problem because today I was at a bike hangout 40 miles from home and I tried 4 times before the starter motor worked and the motor turned on. When I got home I pressed the starter bottom and keep it pressed to see if the bike would start. I noticed that the engine light blinked and a number 12 appeard on the odometer . After 3 seconds the bike started.
    I can hear a click sound when the bike does noTSdart so I guess that is the starter relay. Any ideas what could be the problem or that number 12 code?
    Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.


    I believe that's a Crank Shaft Position Error. You could have an intermittent loss of the signal from the position sensor (bad connector, etc). I'm no expert, but I'd contact Yamaha support on line and ask how to narrow it down.


  3. ylzhooder

    I had a similar problem a couple years ago. Turned out it was my FMS malfunctioning. Got rid of that and the problem went with it.

  4. yuanchofer2

    Thanks for your comments and the help. Here's an update. I lubricated all connectors but the problem continued. I removed the cable from the stater motor and with the help of a voltmeter, measured the voltage coming out of the starter relay. Well sometimes the relay made contact but the voltage didn't come out to the motor side. It looks like I got a faulty relay. I ordered a used relay from ebay for $14 because here in PR The Yamaha dealer does not have one. If it woks fine I will order a New one. I will let you know.

    Thanks everyone.

  5. GaryTJ15

    as far as the code 12 issue;

    Code 12 can be set by a situation where the bike has voltage, but not amperage from the battery to the bike. This would happen when you have a bad battery, or a bad connection at the battery. (or as in your case a bad solenoid could do it too)

    When you turn the key on and hit the start button the computer sees that you are trying to start the bike and it is getting no signal from the crankshaft sensor, so it sets the code. The computer does not know that the motor is not turning. It is assuming it is, because you have the start button depressed.

    Unhook the battery, turn on the key and leave the battery unhooked for a few moments. Then turn off the key and clean and reconnect the battery. The code should be gone. You draining the capacitors in the computer and resetting it.

  6. yuanchofer2

    The new relay is on the bike and everything is fine. Thanks everyone


    Very good! Enjoy the road.



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