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Problems with my Roadstar

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  1. starrider1293

    I recently purchased an 07 Rodstar Silverado. The man I bought it from had changed the pipes to Hardchrome Roadburners, 2 1/2" Streetlites. He had the bike rejetted after putting the pipes on. When I bought it, it was running very rich. Had it rejetted again, then it started cutting off when cold after I had ridden it about a mile, or a mile and a half. Seems like the rear cylinder is running out of gas. Have had carb jetted 2 more times, still does it. After bike gets hot, runs fine. But for some reason, after about a mile when cold, it just quits. Any ideas, or does anyone know a good Yamaha Technician in the upstate of South Carolina, or Georgia?

  2. LozdDok

    Mine (07 Roadie) did the same thing if it was cooler than 50 degrees.

    My fix was an 09 Raider! No complaints now!


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