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  1. Spankinstine12

    Hello, I ride a 2005 650 custom. Today I was riding for a while, it was running great. I stopped for about 10 minutes, started it back up and it was running kind rough, almost like it was outta gas, so I put it on reserve and that didn't help it any. I went to the gas station anyway, and it was really running badly, by the time I got to the pump the front cylinder wasn't even running. I filled it up, started home and it just died all the way. I sat for a minute pushed it outta the road, tried to start it over and over again, and I noticed when I turn the key on, I hear this "popping" kinda noise..kinda coming from the front right under the tank..It finally started, and I put my ear up there and it was just steadily doing the Popping noise, like a "Rolling Popping"? It was just running on the rear cylinder again, so i tried to get home dies. I wait a sec, started it up and it was running like a champ! No sputtering or backfiring at home, rode it around the block a few more times and no problems. I've only had this bike for about 3 weeks now, and this is only my 2nd bike I've ever owned..I guess I'm just asking for advice on what to look for, what needs to be fixed? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  2. retzdaret

    Check your spark plug and plug connections on the front cylinder. Sounds like it was miss firing on the front. Might just be a loose connection.

  3. Spankinstine12

    While I was at the station, I pulled the front wire off and it was running the same. I put it back on, made sure it was all the way on and nothing changed. It's running fine at the moment, but I've got a 30 mile ride to work and back tonight so I'll see if anything changes.

  4. WLS460

    Check your spark plug and plug connections on the front...

    If what retzdaret doesnt correct the problem then go a little deeper and pull the tank and check your connections to the coil. But as retzdaret zeroed in on; it definitely sounds like an ignition system problem.

    Hope This Helps!


  5. Spankinstine12

    I rode it to work last night, the only things I've done was fill it was gas...nothing happened on the way to work or the way home. I'm baffled to what happened. The only weird thing is when I turn the key on, the bike makes that Popping noise in the front, kinda like a Relay or something turning on and off rapidly. I don't know what it is, and I wont be able to take a closer look for a few weeks.

  6. Spankinstine12

    Ok, I've been reading on these forums, I think the clicking may be the fuel pump, it it supposed to click once or Continually click until I start the bike? also, Does it pump fuel to each carb individually? and could that cause it to just run on one cylinder?

  7. Hacgzav

    Be at ease, my brother...that relay clicking noise you are hearing when you first turn the key on is normal.

    Usually right after that you hear something that sounds like it's farting. That would be the fuel pump priming (I think, someone can correct me if I'm wrong). Not real sure what the relay clicking is all about, but it is normal.

    I suspect the other two are right. You've got a bad connection in your ignition somewhere..

  8. Dan11w

    I by no means have any experience with bikes really only riding for a month now, however, when I was asking why my service was so expensive when I took my 250 in, they said because of valves, if they are off, the stuff you mentioned would happen. That might be it? You said you had it for 3 weeks, does that mean it's new? The dealer said to me that the hardest time for the bike is in it's first 1000 miles.

  9. Hacgzav

    I think if it were valves, though, he would have a consistent problem. Anyway, the valves could cause the engine to run rough, but not completely cut off one of the cylinders. Even then, it would have to be a bad problem in the valve train...Just my thoughts.

  10. Spankinstine12

    No, its not new, It's got 10k on it now. It's a 2005 650. The guy I bought it from told me he had the valves and service and all that about a Month ago, just before I bought it. It could be, but it been running fine with the exception of the episode from the other day.

  11. Dan11w

    Yea... but I remembered hearing it from the service tech guys and thought any info would be useful. Or like they do in the show House, throwing out possible issues for the main doc to elimiNade. Haha

  12. retzdaret

    I'm pretty sure this is not a valve problem.

  13. jamahadim

    Replace the spark plug. Changing them both would be better, but it sounds like you simply have a fouled plug.

  14. Spankinstine12

    I'm going out after the wife gets home and getting new plugs and a new fuel filter. I went out and the clicking noise is my fuel pump, Is it suppose to click a few times when I turn the key on?

  15. retzdaret

    Yes, that definitely is the fuel pump and it is supposed to do that.

  16. jamahadim

    Yes, the carbed bikes have a fuel accellerator to prime the bike to start. That is perfectly normal. A new spark plug should fix you right up.

  17. Dan11w

    You know much better than me Red, just trying to help

  18. retzdaret

    You know much better than me Red, just trying to...

    Trust me, your help is completely welcome here. I'm certainly not always right.

  19. Spankinstine12

    Thanks guys for all the help! I'll update this if anything new arises!

  20. lillyimi

    you might have water in your gas ..... it settles to the bottom ....


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