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Problem installing new 240 rear tire on my Raider! HELP!

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  1. Yamaman205

    This is the first new tire I have had to put on my Raider. It is an Avon 240. The rear disc brake bracket is hanging me up. It has to slid into a special projection on the inside of the right swingarm, and be squeezed between the wheel hub and the swingarm, so that the axle bolt can extend thru it so I can then attach the axle nut. Question: Does a second person have to try and hold that disc brake bracket in position with their finger tips, while another guy tries to push the tire into position? Or, can the disc brake bracket be pushed into position from the rear once the tire is positioned in the approx. location? If anyone has installed their own 240 rear tire, please pass any tips on to me about the right way to do it. I would greatly appreciate it.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. yjmmjyajmez

    Don't force it, or you will end up doing what I did, scratch the rim. Take the brake calipers completely apart and off of the arm and gently dangle it by its hose. Take the time to do this, then it should be no problem.

  3. demingrick24

    The easiest way I've found to put the rear tire back on a Raider or a Liner:

    1. Get the bike off the ground with a motorcycle jack.

    2. Put the tire on a separate floor jack under the fender, but as far to the rear as you can get it.

    3. Raise or lower either jack until the axle cutout on the swing arm is level with the hole in the wheel.

    4. This is where it gets tricky; Get your spacers in and hold the caliper bracket in place with your right hand.

    5. Align the cutout on the right side of the caliper bracket with the ribs on the inside of the swing arm and roll the floor jack forward. Once the caliper bracket is engaged with the swing arm everything will stay put while you slide the axle in.

    The trick is to have everything level while sliding it all back together, otherwise the caliper bracket wont engage the swing arm properly and will simply drop to the floor causing profanity to fly.

    I also run the bolts on the adjusters at least half way in before trying to insert the axle as this makes it easier to get the drive belt back over the pulley.

    Another set of hands is useful but not absolutely necessary.

  4. visart564892

    This is the first new tire I have had to...

    I wraped a piece of tape around the caliper bracket to hold it in place while I slid the tire in place then removed the tape.

  5. Yamaman205

    Hey man, thanks for all your detailed instructions. This is the kind of stuff I needed to know. A buddy of mine is coming over tonite and we will try to do the job. Thanks again!

  6. Yamaman205

    Thank you very much for the tip. I am going to follow your advice.


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