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  1. Troober312

    I'm so confused about this system, I can't make my mind up either way. Has anyone with a 2006 and newer bike installed this? Have you had any problems? I'm thinking about buying this system when I get my new exhaust (probably speedster slashdowns or shorts). I'm just worried about any happening to my engine. It seems like one site says one thing, and another site says another. I'm sure there are numerous post about this. Just looking for some help. Thanks!

  2. bkman

    I went through the exact same predicament as you - wondering what to do. All I can say is, I have put over 7000 miles on my bike since I installed the Predator Pro and I have not yet had a single problem. I bought my bike brand new last summer, and I installed the Predator Pro kit, CSR kit and Cobra HP-Pro exhaust (along with a Phat Performance ORK) at the same time when the bike had about 1100 miles on it (if I remember correctly). My original spark plugs still look about the same as they did when I installed the kit, my gas mileage dropped just a little bit, and my engine really woke up.

  3. yodz

    I installed my Predator Pro about 2,000 miles or so ago, '09 model with Cobra Speedster Slashdowns. The only problem I have had with it is that I can't stay off the throttle now, it's too much fun!

    I'm tellin' ya, this thing will flat out fly now. No hesitation, no popping, no backfiring, no nothing. I am very glad I put it on, and if I can do it anybody can. I was pretty worried I couldn't do it but it all went smoothly and fired right up without a hitch.

    I higly recommend both the Pred. Pro and Speedster Slashdowns and think you would be very happy with the results.

  4. viltorekon

    2008 VStar 1100 Classic -

    Why reluctant? There are a lot of success stories, and the motor is built well enough to handle the Predator.

    I installed mine with NO problems... the best advice I can pass on to you are the very words I heard loud and clear from Max...

    "Follow the exact directions!!!"

    They are laid out simply. You won't need to buy any additional parts. Just make sure you have all the tools, especially the micrometer to adjust the float bowls. You will want to remove the AIS as well, if you've not done that yet.

    You'll love the feeling from doing it yourself and the addiction to power is unmatched by anything human!

    Also... buy the CSR kit. You will not hunt for sixth gear as much.


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