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Polish and Wax suggestions

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  1. nu2w329

    Hi everyone,

    Didn't see a thread about this topic, so I apologize in advance if this has been discussed before.

    But what brands of polish and wax do you all use and recommend for cleaning your precious 950's ?

    I've heard of the following and searched google and was just overwhelmed by all the suggestions, so I thought I would ask the experts since I've only used Mothers products in the past.

    3M Finesse It
    Meguiars Gold Class and NXT2
    Natty Blue

    Also is any one product better for darker colors like black?

    Thanks again!

  2. VTvinChic

    Insulator Wax for all the vehicles (I have a black cage and black cherry bike) - I love that stuff!!! It's getting more difficult to find, though.

  3. vwbres

    NU FINISH I even used it on my aircraft. It last a long time.

  4. rekkae3

    For the times when I just want to clean it and leave a bit of wax on I use Lucas SlickMist spray. Honda had a great spray but the people that made it went out on their own thing its called The Original Spray but not sure. It comes in a black spray can. For the " I want to sit down for a couple of hours and do it right wax" I use Master Formula check link

    And check this link you might be able to find all your answers here

  5. tunc

    i use the meguirs gold and love it on the bike and the car
    heres a link for cleanin ya bike

  6. dveag29

    What!! No mention of Lemon Pledge!!

    Stuff works great!!

    Well, it's better for in between quick touch-ups/cleaning.

    I use all Dupont stuff for washing and waxing. Can't remember if it has a specific name of the than the big Dupont logo. But, Lemon Pledge will keep a nice shine on that bike between washin' and waxin' !!

  7. Rex355

    I use and recommend Meguiar's #7 polish followed by Blitz carnauba paste wax. Simichrome polish for chrome.

  8. nu2w329

    Thanks for the suggestions! Will have to try some of these products out if I can find them in my local shops


    Also does anyone have fender tips on their bike and some pictures? I would love to know what they looked like before plunking down the money for some. Thanks again!


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