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  1. derpar1yen

    ok going to ask a stupid question. what the heck is the mod-costs\" class=\"ymln\">pod mod? been seeing it on here and just saw a pic of it but cant quite wrap my head around it.

  2. Fulldild1

    It is the removal of the stock air intake system and adding individual "POD" style filters to each carb. This allows the most air into your engine, with the exception of forced (Supercharging, turbocharging) induction. The associated increase in air pumped into the engine with the correctly metered amount of fuel (re-jetting is a necessity) along with an open exhaust will yield a HP gain of approximately 20%.

  3. quicgmicg

    As FT says.... it adds 10+ horsepower, about a 20% gain for $100 if you already have after market pipes. A little less gain with stock pipes. It's the best HP bargain I've seen on these 1100's.

    You can read more about the concept POD-Kits\">HERE.

  4. HasenfepherA

    how does it compare in hp to a BAK or similar filter system? has anyone done side by side testing? I realize the BAK and hypercharger, etc. cost considerably more but is horsepower similar?

  5. Fulldild1

    All you really have to do is look at the jetting sizes. Perfect AFR (air fuel ratio) is 14.7, for cooling and longevity you want around 12.5 at power rpm. This is a constant regardless of who's whatever you choose. The Pod kits use larger jets period. More Air + More Fuel = More Power. The BAK, Hyper-Charger all use Yamaha's restrictive airbox which is removed when doing a POD Mod. An example of a POD Mod would be the Max-Air Predator. The DIY POD Mod from the KB uses even bigger jets that the Max-Air. The Predator uses 145-147.5 jets the DIY uses 150-155 jets.

    DIY POD Mod

    BAK/HyperCharger/Speedstar for reference

    It's all what your comfortable with Some want a kit from a manufacturer, some will put it together themselves and some just want to hang something shiny/pretty on the outside. The perfect combo for me would be a Hypercharger bolted on the side cause it looks cool and a DIY POD Mod for the power.


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