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POD / Jetting question (not dumb question)

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  1. gzlant5

    Alright, I have read up on all the tutorials etc... involving pod air kits, diy kits, jetting, carb mods etc.....

    I just recently did a diy pod kit using RU-0600 filters, 150 mains and 22.5 pilots, 3.25 turms pms, running 2 into 2 cobra shorts.

    Bike runs strong, after racing my uncle on his bike which we we dead tied before I now pull away at a pretty decent rate, maybe end up 4 or 5 bike lengths in about a 0-100 race.

    Anyhow..... I am now part of the annoying POD noise club... Don't like the noise one bit, and I am not removing my shield to make it go away.

    I found the article on a pod filter inside the stock air box, which now sucks in more air via the internal of the K&N filter, This is cool...

    Here is my question however.... The carb manifolds between the motor and carb are only so big, smaller than the intake side..... Isnt running 2 pods waaaaaay overkill, I would think adding just this one pod mod inside the box would increase intake plenty enough to allow full flow. What I am hoping is I can keep my 150/22.5 jets and run this mod with the one pod and stock filter intake setup and eliminate my pod noise.

    The article says he ran 145 and 22.5 jets... I am a little richer...

    I guess I will just try it since I dont need the stock box regardless of if it doesnt work. But was looking for those with input, it seems the most restrictive part of the air intake is the carb to motor passage.

  2. wzdartan

    I think that you are correct in that the two RU-0600 filters provide more air than is necessary for the 1100, but...I do not believe one of the pods is going to be sufficient, particularly when the pod begins to get a bit dirty. There is a airbox mod that places both of the pods in the bottom section of the airbox to eliminate the "pod noise". I believe Larry Rymal developed it.
    Maybe it's because I installed my pods after not having ridden the bike all winter, but I never noticed any excessive or unusual noise after my pod install. I did however notice that I was smiling a lot wider after I realized the new found H.P.

  3. KinkSdar

    The idea of the two pods equates to the dual carb setup. Each side of the carb receives it's own air. Having one, in my mind, would provide only the one side with more air, giving you uneven vacuums.

    If I was you and didn't like the sound, I would take the top of the stock black box under the tank off, top only, and take the cones out which direct the air into them and put your RU filters vertically there. They would be taking air from the 360 under the tank and should cut some of the noise down, I would imagine. They also should fit through that box insert I think based on looking at them.
    It would look as if you had the stock box still installed but running open without filter unit.

    Exhaust sound goes back, intake goes to the right per stock. I want my bike to grunt at 360, just my personal opinion.

  4. LiddleBen

    I donot know much about pods, However The really open teardrop I run on my hot rod classic makes a whistling kind of sound at hwy speed. I just got used to it. performance is not always silent.,L.B.


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