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    Hey guys and girls! This is my first time posting. I need help figuring where these what I think are dowel pins. I had worked done on my 98 vstar 650 cust engine. I had to pull my engine off and haul it off to a machine shop to remove a head stud from pipes that broke. When I went to pic up engine, the guy at shop hands me these 2 I think are dowel pins and said they had fallen out of engne. So, Im wondering if anybody can please help me. I attached some pic.

  2. zcookiewzdar

    they are defiNadely spacers. where they are from i don`t know.

  3. shadowmib78

    Hey guys and girls! This is my first time posting....

    Hmm "fell out" from where exactly? They remind me of the old metal bushings i used to use in photocopier machines. They could be spacers to adapt small bolts to larger openings. My progressive shocks came with some like that but bigger.

    ALL they did was remove a broken header bolt from the head? They weren't dicking around inside the engine any?

    What shop did you take it to?


    Yea just header stud. R L machince shop wayside/I-10. Had to remove crankcase cover to remove engine.

  5. shadowmib78

    Yea just header stud. R L machince shop wayside/I-10....

    ah ok.. tell me the exact year and model number of your bike. which case cover did you take off? Ill look up the parts diagram and see if i see anything that it might look like your mystery parts.


    Its a 98 Vstr XVS 650 cust. Its on the left side.I looked it up onlione and found nothing.


    I still have cover off and there is 2 dowel pins that go in but I have them. Im still waiting on my gasket to arrive that I ordered.

  8. shadowmib78

    I still have cover off and there is 2 dowel...

    Yeah 11, 26 (x2), and 33 are the only dowel pins i see in that thing..

    Are you the original owner? Do you know if anyone else has had this apart before now? I'll look on the other diagrams and see if there's anything like this that might have fell off.. and ended up in the crankcase.

    I have checked out the diagrams and I can't see anywhere they could have came from, and you say these aren't the pins from the disassembly. Are you 100% sure they really came out of the engine, or did they maybe find them on the floor near where they were working on it and just assume thats where they were from?

    Let me know what you find out. Hell I'm so curious now that im almost ready to ride over there and look at it myself.


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