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  1. wilddog58

    i've got fed up with my GSX-r already. so here is what i'm gonna do. i trade in my 2008 gixxer with 25k on it and want a 950T. i went to a dealer and the owner said the 950T is 9000 OTD and the gixxer must be checked and priced latter?
    i'm not good at bargaining, so i don't really know how to deal w/ this. please toss me your 2 cents and i'd really appreciate. thanks

  2. Cabri103

    seem like you should be able to get something for your GSX on trade in for the 950t. Actually 9k OTD is not a bad price for a '10 model. I paid a bit more than that for my '09 well over a year ago.

  3. wilddog58

    thank you.

  4. arecipo

    This seems like a bait and switch tactic. I would not buy the bike until they give you a price for your GSX. Another option would be to sell it to an individual. Most dealers of automobiles and motorcycles belong to the National Auto Dealers Association or NADA. The NADA guide is what most dealers will use for trades and the like. Check this link to find out what your bike is worth and then talk to the dealer about what they will give you for it. Negotiate the trade in first before you buy the 950.

  5. wilddog58

    This seems like a bait and switch tactic. I would...

    I'll do so. thank you

  6. RopG

    Check another dealer. There has to be one not too far away. See what they say. bring that information back to the first dealer.

  7. zmogejyoe

    Unless you have your heart set on a 2010 model, perhaps paint color, you should consider a new 2009 model. Seems there are still plenty at the dealers, check around, certainly a thousand or more less than a 2010 and the bikes are the same except some color schemes.

  8. wilddog58

    Unless you have your heart set on a 2010 model,...

    i was thinking of this but once i was at the dealer, the saleperson brainwashed me, so i ended up forgot everything i'd planned before. will be stronger at the next dealers.
    thanks all for your tips

  9. lem23

    Always seem slightly disinterested, never get excited over something or they will sense it and be all over that like a pack of rabid dogs

  10. yhoower

    I like to work 2 or more dealers against each other. Find the one with the lowest price and work the others down from there. hehehehehehehehehe

  11. Shebhertezz

    Take your time and like everyone said check out some more dealers and play them off on each other. Also ask for some extras. For example, if you're getting engine and saddlebag guards, etc. ask for free install and even 10% off the accessories. That's what my dealer did.

  12. SkdMige

    Tell the sales person that "I'm interested in a 950T and I'm shopping your price", then say no more. They'll know what bike you want so it's up to him/her to give you their best price. Do not be affraid to tell them that they're to high if you feel that way,,, after all it's your money that you're talking about and bike sales aren't that great to start with. Be FIRM but polite and you'll get results. Remember it's your hard earned dollar that you're spending.

  13. ylvrikhd

    Check Ebay. Several dealers list new bikes there. You can see what a 950 can go for. I paid $8,200 for my 09 Tourer model and have seen them sell for less than that.

  14. BRASMAN182

    I would never buy a new bike before they told the trade in value of my old one. I think you can get closer to 8000 also. I paid 7000 for my regular 950 09 in 09 so you should be able to find an T for closer to 8000.


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