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Planning next years tour

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  1. Cabri103

    I had to put in my vacation time where I work. Having worked at the same place forever now so I get a considerable amount of vacation, but can only take it in small pieces. So, anyway, next spring I'm thinking about a loop ride around the SE US. Starting here in Jacksonville Fl, over to Mobile, Al. then up to Jackson, Ms where I will pick up the Natchez Trace and take it north almost to Nashville, Tn. Heading East through the Mountains of Tennessee, Virginia and West Virginia and into Washington DC where I will spend a couple of days visiting a guy that I have not seen since high school. then back to the Blue Ridge Parkway and south along the mountains to S. Carolina where I will head on East back over to Savannah, Ga...get some of the best Seafood in the south...and hopefully my only time on the Highway, back home to Jacksonville. About 2500 miles.....15 days.

    I love maps....planning the trip and the anticipation is almost as much fun as the actual ride.

    Anyone else planning anything for 2010 yet?


  2. tunc

    i am but its a secret lol

    ya want to post a map up of the route you are going to take
    there might be a few on here that you can meet up with along the way

  3. pjdor542

    Sounds like a great trip. I live in Virginia, about 45 minutes from Front Royal where Skyline Drive begins, and that is a great ride. My sister rode her Harley down this summer from Ohio, and I took her on Skyline Drive. We rode down to the start of the Blue Ridge Parkway, but had to stop there. I would have loved to have kept going, but as always, time, work, and responsibilities keep ruining my fun. We had a blast though, just as you are going to have on your trip.

  4. retzdarraiter

    let us know when you are going to be in the d.c. area.

  5. zdarkuj20

    Phil, let me know when you are gonna be at the north end of the Natchez Trace. I'd love to meet up with you and maybe ride a little of it with you. Its a great ride. We live pretty close to the start of it. Maybe we can grab lunch at the Loveless Cafe? Its a pretty famous Nashville attraction right at the head of the trace and the southern cooking is awesome! It sounds like you have a great trip mapped out. Good luck with the rest of the planning!

  6. Cabri103

    Right now, this is looking like it is going to happen during the first part of June. I defenitely would like to meet up with some YMFers's along the way so will keep everyone informed.Really looking forward to riding the Natchez Trace. Not really sure why. I passed north of it on a cross country bicycle trip back in 74 and have never been back through that area. so after all the years of thinking about it, I have a feeling that the anticipation will eclipse the actual ride but at least I will be able to check it off the mental list of places I want to ride.


  7. Sitevalg

    You are so right about the anticipation of a ride being almost as much fun as the real thing. I've been doin at least one major ride every summer since 2005, and the rest of the year planning the next one. Calling and emailing your buds, looking over maps- great stuff!

  8. GASdar

    The only thing more fun than thinking about a trip is actually riding it! I rode some of what you are planning last year. I did the "Redneck Riviera Tour" riding west to east. It starts by taking the ferry from Dauphin Island (just south of Mobile, AL) to Ft. Morgan, then I hugged the gulf coast all the way to Panama City, FL where I hung out for a couple of days at the Thunder Beach rally. My goal was to stay as close to the water as possible so I followed highways 180, 182, 399 (Santa Rosa Island), 98, and 30. Riding along the beach was the best part of the ride. I caught the 8 am ferry took my time riding and was in PC by about 3:30 that afternoon. On another trip I rode from Mexico Beach to St. Veresa Beach, but the scenery was not that great except for just east of MB. Good luck and ride safely.


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