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Pipes are on along with chrome covers! PICS

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  1. viltirizhman

    Hey Guys,

    I placed the Jardines on and synced the carbs, took it our for about 125 mile ride with the United Bikers Against Drugs crew. She running wide open and I can hear myself think for a change! I've included a pic of the old pipes and the new. Check out the pics

  2. procg3ka

    Much cleaner look. Like the chrome battery cover also. Making me jealous over here!!!

  3. Callibjkian

    looks great man. glad it's makin you happy


  4. retzdaret

    I have just one word to describe what I see. "Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!"

  5. viltirizhman

    Thank you guys, I did clean it up Brock, what a difference in the sound and operation of the bike. The side covers are "Da bomb", have to wear sunglasses to see it! he he retzdaret, I'm going to run the 125's for awhile then switch to the 127's, I will let you know how they sound!

  6. xdraweler21

    I have the chrome battery cover and never realized that it wasn't part of the stock bike. I feel like I should post pics of my bike and see if everyone can tell me what isn't stock.

    Bike looks great. Love the colors.

  7. michwzdar

    looks good irish, Im a fan of a loud monsterous pipe, but those look fitting on your bike.

  8. Trollpj

    looken good!

  9. camcon304

    hey wild-I I luv the sound of those jardines but if u want to relocate them a new home lets talk. they sure would sound gooood on my yammy too !!!!!!

  10. viltirizhman

    Very funny shooter, not a chance my yammy brother!!!!!!!!!!!! Next mission, pipes for you!!


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