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Pictures of my chromed out raider

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  1. Pavbj

    Thank you... Joel
    You are welcome. Trust me, you never want to see me on any pistol range.

  2. OgieRaiter

    Great pitcures DV. That third picture looks really great. Could you get that bike out of the way next time. Doc
    I second that!

  3. zdewo47

    I finally got a camera to post pictures of my ride. Heres what Ive done so far.-V&H 2 into 1 pipes-Diamond shaped mirrors with flame stems.-flamed shift linkage -chromed wheels/pulley and break rotor cover-chromed upper and lower belt guards-"spiked air filter"-big air kit-pcIII-chromed rear axle cover-chin faring -cover for lines under exhaust pipeON ORDER-chromed stock foot peg brackets -kuryakyn swing out foot pegs and matching passenger pegs-chrome coil mounts -chromed stock hand controls and switch housing -arrnot air spring adjustable shocks-billet hand grips
    can you tell me where you got your air cleaner at and how much was it? did you have to do any mods to install it? hope to hear your reply soon. thanks Steve

  4. BopMazon

    Good Job! Your machine looks excellent.




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