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picture request!!!!

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  1. mgzbrz

    To all Vstar Custom owners. I am contemplating putting a back rest on my bike for the ol' lady. However I really don't want to put a windshield on it. My biggest concern is that a back rest w/o a windshield will look goofy since the lines on the Custom are so low and smooth. I've seen Raiders w/ just a backrest, but the front end on these is significantly higher. So the lines balance out.

    So what I am requesting is that any of you who have a back rest on your Custom would you be willing to send me a pic of the set up w/o the windshield on it. Please either email me, or pm me. Thanks in advance!!!


  2. cambjman

    Buy the old lady a rebel or a Vsar 650 and leave that beauty in her natural state!!!!

  3. 1CuzdominFL

    Here's mine. Sorry has the windshield.

  4. wzdartemon

    check this

  5. quicgmicg

    You could check around for one that is a little taller with more of a "sissy bar" look than a back rest look. I personally feel that a sissy bar can look really good on a bike with no windshield.

    ...just a thought..


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