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Pics of some awesome bikes @ World of Wheels Auto Show

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  1. yzcoodermac

    Hey guys I took some pics of some bikes @ our local auto show here in Birmingham.Thought you guys might like to take a look @ the bikes.The Warrior in the pic is for sale.The other Yammys in the pics have a fender and wheel kit that a local dealer sells.

  2. yzcoodermac

    Here r the rest of them.Yes the first photo is a Yammy.Sorry they r small I had to compress for the web site.

  3. retzdaret

    Man those pics are coming up very small. Can't see a thing. I actually went to the show while it was here in Atlanta. Great show. When you get your pics straightened out, I'll add some of mine.

  4. yzcoodermac

    Tried to enlarge.Can't figure it out.Mikey if you want to remove ,its alright.Maybe ill get this internet thing figured out one day.LOL

  5. kman

    Too small to see.

  6. retzdarraiter

    nice effort though

  7. yzcoodermac

    Yep!Maybe ill get up enough wit and give er another try L8r. I still got the pics on the camera.Mikey needs to delete these though.Oh well !!

  8. pawdvin

    Nice pics, i didn't get back up there this year


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