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Pics of my ride

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  1. LiddleBen

    My baby pics

  2. LiddleBen

    Double click the thumbs to see my ride full screen

  3. MigejCojode

    She's a beaut! Love the pipes.

  4. rzchafer2

    Nice, very nice!

  5. falconfan247

    Nice, I like that color, and those pipes.

  6. LiddleBen

    Thanks for the comments guys. the pipes are the PCS ceramichrome 2into 1 I have spent many hours putting parts on her which include the pipes 10 to1 pistons PCS X cams The teardrop breather stage 3 Jet kit. Isogrips visors on all the lights remote oil filter 3 inch extensions on the floor boards and lots of sweat and swearing on making some things work. Thanks again for the Kudos.,L.B.

  7. quicgmicg


  8. Tacgtriwer

    That is a very well thought out V Star.
    I second the pipes, and I like the Air Cleaner too.

  9. viltirizhman

    Looks nice bro, I like the air cleaner too, need to check on those prices!

  10. Jonezpoj

    Nice putt man.......

  11. wzdartan

    Very nice LiddleBen! Are you all done with her? If not, what is next on the list?

  12. TheBear

    Very nice LiddleBen I've always liked that color combo! What can you tell us about those PCS Monster Pro pipes how loud are they, do they polish up like chrome? I'm in the market for some pipes this winter and these are on my list.

    Thanks in advance,

  13. dez1877

    I have one too!

  14. falconfan247

    That's a clean looking bike too!

  15. MillionzKniwez

    Here's mine. Mind the camera phone pix.

  16. LiddleBen

    Yep, the pipes will shine like chrome. The bike was a little dirty in those pics. You have to use alumonum wheel polish on them. The monsterpro I have is loud but not too bad,I run the PCS long baffle in it it came with the pipe. It really rumbles on Decel. I get a lot of comments about how good it sounds.


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