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periodic maintenance question

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    I have an 08 with 3000 miles on it. My initial service was done around 700 miles. Do you guys change your oil filter everytime you change your oil? The schedule says not until 8000 or 12 months, well Im not quite there yet. Also seems like alot of overkill having to go thru everything like the book says every 6 months. What do you do? Should I be paying attention to the recomended mileage or the monthly schedule? Says valves should be checked every 6 months!

  2. MichaelW283

    I just changed my oil but not the filter. The reason though was I am lazy and didn't want to replace the filter just yet as I am about to order a Oil Fillter Relocation Kit. Once I have that yes, I will change the filter every time.


    Thats kinda what I was thinking. Im getting ready to go on a couple rides that are around 400 miles each and right now I just dont have the time to get it to the dealer for a full checkup, but I believe these are built tough from the get go. Anyone have thoughts on the rest like valves and etc.?

  4. vgink18054

    It seem to me that if you only change one thing it should be the oil filter that gets changed. to me changing the oil without a changing the filter would be like taking a shower and putting on dirty clothes.

  5. A1zbordztat

    I changed my filter everytime I change the oil. I have an ORK and I use synthetic oil. The cost is peanuts compared to the cost of the synthetic oil and the ORK makes it easy.

  6. 2WheelPik

    I haven't had any problems with my ORK yet, but I don't have many miles on it yet (but it held up well when I went down.) I laughed and agree with changing oil and not changing filter = taking shower with dirty clothes on afterwards. Doesn't make sense and I didn't want the hassle of going through crush gaskets and taking the chance of scratching exhaust by taking it off and on all the time.

  7. Squrlej

    I did my first oil change and I agree change both at the same time. While your there, there is two oil rings in there and I would recommend changing them while you have everything apart. Would hate to put it back together and have a leak.
    Good Luck

  8. beaze

    I change the oil and filter every 4000. no oil filter kit it's not worth the money to me. I can pull the exhaust in 5 minutes.

  9. MichaelW283

    For clarification, I will be ordering my ORK in a couple of weeks and then will be replacing the filter and then the oil again, then. So no, I was not advocating don't change your filter. But I wanted to change my oil for sure as I am AR when it comes to taking care of things.


    I knew what you were saying. I might have to find some time before my ride to attempt the job my myself on the oil and filter change. Im still wondering about if I have anything to worry about if I dont get it to the dealer to check valves etc. like the manual says. Im getting crap from my HD buddy because he says he doesnt have the maintenance schedule like mine suggests. After his initial check, its every 10,000 miles for peiodic maintenance except for oil change. I told him that I guess thats why I have the extra 10 grand still in the bank Anyone have suggestions on the schedule or should I just follow the book?


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