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Perf-Form oil filter relocation kit?

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  1. md950

    Has Anyone ever heard of this kit? Just wondering if the oil lines were the same size as the "Baron" kit?

    It looks ok...

  2. quicgmicg

    I'm really not sure what size they are. I think Baron's has changed theirs recently too. Whatever size they are, you can always have some made to whatever you want...

    here is a link to the ORK manual....

  3. md950

    I just checked out the site for the kit and see they offer a spin on internal filter which includes 3 internal filters with a polished housing.... Nice looking but I think the Baron kit would allow a wider list of filters to be used if you were on a trip someplace and needed to do an oil change, etc.

    Thanks fo rthe link!

  4. tunc

    heres a few more choices as well for ORK'S

    phat performance

    pacific coast star


    quick view oil level check

  5. Dissj774

    If you look on Ebay you can usually find the Baron's kit going for 207 with shipping. I just ordered one, should be here any day now.

  6. oudlavtako

    I found these guys that have a different thought on oil relocation there filter is mounted verticaly so the filter always stays full which makes a lot of sense to me I think they have something there!
    motorcycle enhancements .com


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