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PCS MonsterPro pipes

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  1. aarona

    Has any one used these pipes yet. How do you like them. How do they sound.

  2. fiwezdrinkmatnezz

    I built my own but the MonsterPro was my inspiration and model. I love the looks and the sound is massive and throaty (even made me consider putting a baffle in it..!) 2 into 1 is the way to go for performance, too.

  3. quicgmicg

    Has any one used these pipes yet. How do you like them. How do they sound.
    I know lots of guys with that pipe. As with most PCS pipes, they tend to rust easily so they are going to need need some extra care . There are also far better quality pipes available, but there is definitely a difference in price. I guess you pay for what you get.

    They sound great and they do offer a baffle system to quiet and add a little back pressure.

    As fiwezdrinkmatnezz says, a 2 into 1 will give you a slight performance edge over a 2 -2 pipe.

  4. jkd4

    I have installed 3 or 4 sets of these. They are loud,stupid loud. Just riding on for 20 minutes gave me a headache for the day. As said before they rust easy. Performance? I dont know, the mind is easily tricked= louder is faster. That being said, I like the looks of them and if you wear a full face helmet or install the baffles maybe that will tone it down a little. Even with baffles I dont think quiet would ever describe these pipes. I guess the question would be how much do you ride. If you ride for 20 miles a week then go for it but if you put on 150 miles+ a day and then ride on the weekends then I wouldn't recommend them.

  5. aarona

    Thanks guy's for the input. dose any one know what pipe is on the black bike on page two title of the tread is (interesting wheels) it also is a two into one vary similar to the monster pro's. I keep my bike spotless so the rust may not efect my pipes but who wants to take a chance.

  6. Dissj774

    Those look like the Cobra Power Pro's

  7. quicgmicg

    I have PCS Thugstars on mine and ride 300-400 miles a week and I can still hear kind of OK...LOL. I wear earplugs to cut down wind noise a side benefit, they quite the pipes too.

    Also, since I put them on, no one has tried to change lanes into me on the freeway.... I love that....

  8. aarona

    Here are the other pipes I am looking at if any one has any of these let me know what you like or dont like how is the sound and the quality Im looking for a deep throaty sound.

    Cobra Power-Pro HP
    Sampson Slash Down
    Sampson Street Sweepers

    And still looking at the Monster Pro from PCS


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