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Passing lamps.

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  1. jdvass73

    I'm thinking of getting a set of passing lamps for my bike but I would like to see what they look like on the bike. Does anyone have a photo of these on thier 950? I can't find a picture of them on a bike anywhere.

  2. recumpendpop

    Here's some in the "Gallery".

    CrampBuster danger

  3. Rop123

    Aside from, in my opinion, enhancing the look of the 950, passing lights are of additional value as a safety measure. They really help to be seen during the day and add a lot of extra light at night. I ride with mine on day and night, I never turn them off.

    You'll be amazed at how much they light up the road. I have the right side light angled slightly towards the curb so as to help light the eyes of critters, both large and small, that may be on the sides of the road, ready to cross my path.


  4. Shebhertezz

    When I'm driving my car, I sure notice bikes with passing lamps more than those with a single headlight. So +1 on the safety, Rob.

    However, I don't find they really give me alot more light at night but they do light up the area between the front tire and where the lamp starts to shine it's light on the road. I got a stronger bulb for my brights and that helped alot.

  5. MorkKW

    The "type" of driving lights used makes a HUGE difference in being seen by those in front of you, as well as how effectively they illuminate the road ahead at night, both in distance and from side to side. The OEM style passing lights have their cool cruiser-like styling and do a nice job, but they are only just partially as effective as good aftermarket driving lights. Regardless of the ones chosen, I believe bikes are much better off with them.

    Take care.

  6. Rop123

    One evening, I took a heavy weight towel and covered the main headlight. I was surprised (pleasently) on how much additional light the OEM passing lights added. With the towel still covering the main headlight I aimed the passing lights to hit the pavement about 50 ft out front. Their beam was very visible and hardly diminished by the main headlight when I removed the towel.

    The OEM's have a max wattage of 35w each....but since it's two fairly focused beams it offers plenty of light our front

  7. yhoower

    I couldn't find the OEM's on the Star site the other day. It's getting darker when I leave in the morning and been thinking about adding some lamps.

  8. Rop123
    #'ll find them under accessories > windshields > they don't have an image but they list them there.

    Yamaha V Star 950 Tourer Accessories, Yamaha V Star 950 Tourer Passing Lamps Kit

  9. sawmillman31
    # has the lights themselves that have high and low beams built in giving you 35W on low & 55W on high. They tap off of your headlight and you must use relays to keep from blowing a fuse. They are listed at $150. They look just like the OEM's

  10. Rop123

    "Just the lamps" kinda leaves you figuring out how to mount them. The OEM is a complete "kit". But I suppose if you want, you can figure out a way to attach them yourself....I just found the kit convenient.

  11. sawmillman31

    It's just the lights. I went with the kit from Yamaha for right now but I have seen a bike with the high/low lights. It will be down the road but I plan to upgrade to them

  12. ScottP45

    Love them, seem people think motorcycle more with three than one. Seems like its a GA thing to have one headlight out or a combination of headlight/taillight out. The directions right out of the box were great, never worked on a motorcycle before much less wiring and I was done in no time without any issues. Being seen/noticed is the biggest thing when riding… heres one for you… what do call a person in car using a turn signal… new too GA…

  13. LasjDavk

    I added driving lights to the wifes VStar I found at O'Reileys, total install was around $30 including relay and switch

    These definitely light up the road and she is more noticeable now

    I did a thread on the install process if interested
    V-Star 950 enough bike?

  14. Tuttle3

    Can a modulator be used on all three of your lights, LasjDavk?

  15. LasjDavk

    Can a modulator be used on all three of your...

    I don't really know. I do not know how a modulator connects. Her DL's are typical 55W Halogen Bulbs, no real Hi/Lo beam that I assume the modulators switch between like in the Headlight.

  16. recumpendpop

    Can a modulator be used on all three of your...

    I don't think so. A modulator connects to the bulb and the wiring harness with the bulb connector pugs into the modulator.
    I have the Kriss modulator on my Kawasaki and my wifes 950.

    Kriss makes a controller just for driving lights but they don't modulate I think if they did it "May" be against the law because then you would look just like a police motorcycle.

    Here's a link to the driving light controller, pretty neat.

  17. Tuttle3

    OK. Just checking. Considering the passing lamps soon after I pick up my 950 and wanted to know what can and can't be done regarding the use of a modulator...

  18. recumpendpop

    OK. Just checking. Considering the passing lamps soon after I...

    I was wrong check this out.

    pretty neat when i get my passing lamps I may have to get on of these.

  19. Tuttle3

    That is pretty cool. IIRC, Kriss is the site you recommended to me a few days ago. I'll be ordering from them soon...


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