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  1. Jak

    Hi all,

    With spring around the corner I've been talking with my son who rides with me all the time (he's almost 11 and a fairly big kid, about 105 lbs already and tall) and he's informed me that we need a new passenger seat. I'm very comfortable with my stock seat and don't really like the idea of changing it out on the chance that I'll end up liking the new seat less.

    I'd like to get some recommendations from those of you who have changed out the the passenger seat for one that's more comfortable without having to change out my stock seat. He'd like something wider and softer because we do around 5k miles around town during our season and I don't want him complaining the whole time


    *oops, forgot to add it's an 1100 Classic

  2. Nidhhokr

    I don't know if you can do any aftermarket passenger pillions alone. Most require rider seat primary then the pass. seat. You might be better off looking into either installing raw gel into the seat or just buying the raw gel pad to sit on while he his riding with u.
    This is 1 of many locations that sell these. I'm not promoting this site. This just happen to be the first I found.

    Good Luck

  3. vgink18054

    you can buy the ultimate seat pillion and it will fit with your stock seat and according to my wife, it is much better than stock.

  4. chitter4

    When I had my 1100 I bought a used Corbin Dual Touring, for the wife of course, as a bonus it came with a drivers back rest. Very comfortable on both short and long rides, for driver and passenger. If you really want to go for comfy in the back add a set of floor boards.

  5. Ghozd608

    You might look at Pacific Coast Stars seats, "" they make a realy good seet, that is just a modified origanal seat, they also Garuentee the seat if you don't like it after trying it, you can return it. The only company I know that allows you to mount there seat and try it. I do not know how the Pillon seat is, but I bought the Patato Chip seat to replace my origanal, as like you I was happy with my stock, but I did want a little bit of back support, and PCS's seat is fantastic, I think its the best seat I have had, and they are real reasonable price. I think the seat was 175 plus exchange, and I believe the Pillon is 75. Just an Idea, I am really happy with my seat, and it looks 100% better.


  6. Jak

    Thanks for the suggestions everyone! My husband did suggest that replacing the pegs with floorboards would probably help as well (I love them up front). I'll check out the different options and see what we can see.

  7. mento

    As was stated before, try modifying the seat with a gel pad insert. I've had mine done and my son likes it. Much cheaper then a new seat too.


  8. tillikaff

    You could try one of these.
    I had my seat and pillion redone by Pacific Coast Star. I loved the my seat, but the wife hated the pillion. I was going to get a Buttybuddie. But changed my mind and got the Mustang Wide Touring Seat. Which made her very happy.


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