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passenger floorboards

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  1. ebrowensano

    I have a 08 Silverado. I'd like to add passenger floorboards to help make the wife more comfortable. I know Yamaha’s are pretty pricey, and I saw these on eBay.

    The low price makes me think its not made very well... What is the forum's consensus?

  2. quicgmicg

    Hard to say what the quality with most things, you usually end up getting what you pay for.

    The shipping is pretty darn high too.....$23?

  3. rzchafer2

    I installed the Yamaha passenger floorboards. I am happy with them. They are a little pricey, but I have no regrets.

  4. orpie

    That price is just a minimum bid. Plus $23.40 for shipping....I bought the Yamaha passenger floorboards and have no regrets. Also, I have purchased something (for my wifes Honda Shadow) from this seller and the quality was just fine and the item came right away.

  5. matcruser

    They sure wont look very good when folded up. I have the Cobra swepts on my Raider. They are a bit pricey (not sure how the price compares to Yamaha) but I've been very happy with them.

  6. einzdan

    I bought the Yamaha cast aluminum passenger floorboards because I was under budgetary restraints.

    The finish on the underside of them is horrible. This is the side you see when when they're folded up in the unused position.

    I noticed in the catalog pictures after buying, and then returning them that they show booth cast floorboards with the rubber side facing you. This is because the underside looks atrocious next to the chrome on the exhaust system.

    I returned them, bit the bullet and paid the extra for the Yamaha Billet Passenger Floorboards. The money was well spent IMHO.

    Now notice in the catalog pictures for the billet floorboards that one floorboard has the rubber side facing you, the other floorboard is flipped around to show you the chromed side of the bottom.

    The billet floorboards are a very well made product.


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