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Passenger floorboards

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  1. Trollpj

    Been looking into putting these on my V-Star Classic, the wife and son tend to move their heals around and makes marks on the exhaust and I think the floorboards will make it more comfy also may limit the need to rub boot marks off exhaust

    What kind are you using??

    Do they flip up when not in use?


  2. tillikaff

    I just put a set on my 07 V-Star Classic a couple of weeks ago. Like you said, my girlfriend was always leaving marks and melted plastic on my pipes before.
    I put a set of Yamaha passenger floor boards on, and they do fold up out of the way when not in use. And They match your stock Rider floorboards.

    Last weekend we went on a 350 mile ride, and not one mark on my pipes.
    She said they were great. Way more comfortable than the stock pegs.

    I ordered mine from
    This was the cheapest place I could find the Yamaha Boards and mounts.

    Good luck on finding what you want. Your passengers will love them.

  3. Cannoncocger

    Here are the ones I bought for mine.

  4. wzdar6

    The Floorboards Are Recommended By My Wife. She Has Found That Her Foot Doesn't Get As Hot From The Exhaust Heat.

  5. Trollpj

    Thanks for the replies..

    More questions:

    tillikaff does the underside have the star logo?

    Since I ride 70% of the time solo, I like the Billet look when in the up setting but like the fact the default ones match when down.



    One other thing tillikaff only heard that word "tillikaff" one place and when I use it around here no-one knows what it was used for in the service.

    Not sure if that is what you use it for

    "Do I Look Like I Give A Flying F#$%" was what the service guys I knew used if for

    Great name anyways.

  6. tillikaff


    My floorboards are the stock, not the billet. Not as nice as the hi-polish finish of the billet boards with Star logo.
    But the bottom doesn't make to much difference to me. I leave them down all the time. The bad thing I can say about them is that it makes it hard to get in and out of the compartment behind the side cover. But you still can get the cover off and on.

    I attached a photo of mine up In the up position.

    And yes tillikaff means exactly what you thought. Depending on who asks. In company where you don't want to use the f-word it becomes.
    Do I Look Like I Give A Flying Fish

  7. wzdar6

    Cannoncocger how did you get your passenger floorboard to have a tilt. i think i had to buy mounts when i install mine. did you buy mounts?

  8. Cannoncocger

    When I bought the floorboards I did buy the mounts .. Everything is OEM.

  9. Trollpj

    Cannoncocger how did you get your passenger floorboard to have a tilt. i think i had to buy mounts when i install mine. did you buy mounts?
    I seen that many after market floorboards are not tilting, that is why I am looking at OEM.

  10. Peapotj

    I put the passenger floor boards on my 650 custom. They stuck in the up position within a week of installing them. (Yes, I greased the bearing and spring) After trying for nearly 10 minutes to gently get them to budge I gave them one good yank. The little bearing broke through the billet board leaving a hole, and the boards in a permanent and loose down position. $200 pieces of OEM crap. Hope you have better luck with yours.


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