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Painting my wheels

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  1. tduvall728

    Hi all, I was toying with the idea of painting my wheels. I really like the look of the all black wheels some of the bikes overseas have. I was looking for some suggestions on the best paint to use and should I have to strip any clearcoat off the brushed part of the wheels before painting?

    Thanks for your help.

  2. freezbirid

    If we wernt so far away i would swap you wheels,just waiting for warm weekend and spare time so i can rub off the black edges and polish mine so they look like yours.Take Care Mate John

  3. tduvall728

    Yeah that would be great. If it weren't for that big pond I would take you up on that offer. By the way are your wheels a matte finish or are they glossy.

    I have read on other websites where people have stripped the black off wheels and polished them. Good luck. They do look good that way, I just want something different and like the all black look.


  4. maxcruizer

    Get them powdercoated - it's the best way - much tougher than spray on paint.


  5. freezbirid

    They are Satin finish half way between gloss and matt.

  6. MorkKW

    DITTO what 'maxcruizer' said about getting them powdercoated, an excellent choice.


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