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  1. bedesa17

    Has anyone had any overheating issues with their raider's in hot weather?

    06 streetglide

  2. JAG91

    No but if the bike gets to hot it will shut itself off. This happens if you leave it idling for to long.

  3. ctok711

    I live near Memphis and I rode it like I stole it all summer long and had no problems at all.

  4. LozdDok

    Nope, nor do I recall anybody having that problem, and I regularly visit 3 Raider forums.

  5. bedesa17

    Thanks guys, I'm pondering on purchasing a used Raider or v-star 1300. I still have to sell my 06 streetglide when the time is right.

  6. retzdarraiter

    RAIDER RAIDER RAIDER yeah, the RAIDER would be my pick.
    as far as overheating goes, i was worried about that too. relax, this bike can ride at parade speed all day with no problem.

  7. LozdDok

    Thanks guys, I'm pondering on purchasing a used Raider or v-star 1300. I still have to sell my 06 streetglide when the time is right.
    Good luck with it! Gotta admit I'm with retzdarraiter on this,Raider all the way, of course we may be slightly partial

  8. Squando

    I live at 10 degrees north latitude and the bike has no overheating problems, even in parades or heavy traffic on a hot day. I wear shorts when I ride though and sometimes my legs get quite warm.

  9. yacg590


    I bought my 09 in September last year. On a couple of days it got well into the 90's. The bike was fine but I thought I was going to roast my right inner thigh.

  10. Moonej

    Being air-cooled, what is considered overheating? With a liquid-cooled engine, that usually refers to the point when the coolant boils over, but the Raider has none, and neither does your HD.

    I'm not saying it's impossible to overheat an air-cooled engine to the point of warping the heads, piston meltdown, etc. But I don't see it happening as long as you're still moving and getting airflow around the engine. About 99% of the time that the bike is sitting still, the engine is just idling (it should be able to dissipate that heat for quite a while). So unless you're doing repeated burnouts without going anywhere, or running it flat out on a dyno that has no fans, I don't see overheating being an issue.

  11. LozdDok

    One thought is they've had 100 years of experience with air cooled mc engines. They ought to have it figured out by now,JMHO.

  12. bedesa17

    Thanks Moonej, I guess I meant to say any problems with the heat as reference to the oil breakdown in such a big powerplant (1900cc). My Strglide is 1450cc and I use amsoil syn and boy does that baby get hot in slow traffic. I have 17k on her so far and no problems. I grew up on Yamaha's and I think there will be used Raider in my future.

  13. SFCRicg

    I'm in East Texas and it gets hotter than %$# at times and in 100+ degree days the Raider has no problems AT ALL!

  14. zhifdhabbj6

    I live in Northern California where the summers hit 110 deg. on a regular basis, and on one such day last year in stop and go I was running steady @ 265 deg. which is in operating range for my Liner. Should be no problem for the Raider either. BTW my Liner is an 06 so she's had many summers on her at these temps. And I run Royal Purple Max Cycle.

  15. fage

    My Warrior is air cooled also and living here in New Mexico; it gets pretty darned hot. Average operating temp on mine is 265 degrees, and that rolling down the Hwy. My oil temp get up to about 210 degrees and that's running Amsoil 20W50.


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