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one way clutch & starter problem

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  1. malor154

    Anybody have information on one way clutch & starter problem on 2000vstar1100 classic?

  2. moonbie609068

    I have a 1100 V star and the starter clutch is just now starting to act up. The bike only has 34000 miles on it. Is this a common problem with this motor? Has any one other than my self come up with this problem? Is there a quick fix? or is this something that only Yamaha can fix? Let me here from ya soon.......(mnp6411957 (at) Thanks, "moonpie"

  3. wzdartan

    Take a look at this. Hope it

  4. 1CuzdominFL

    I have heard the starter clutch can be a problem on these bikes, but one of very few problems. If you fix yourself, probably $300 or so, if a shop or dealer does it, probably double that. I did mine at 79,000 miles, not sure if it was done by previous owner before that.

  5. wzdartan

    After some research, it appears the "starter clutch" problem with these bikes may be a simple matter of timing. If the T.P.S. is out of adjustment, it may cause the bike to fire prematurley during the compression stroke. This will cause the motor to "kick back" causing a "banging" noise when the starter clutch engages. It appears that if this symptom is corrected as soon as it starts happening, permanant damage to the starter clutch may be avoided.


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