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  1. TheGoltj

    I have what is hopefully a simple question that won'TSdart any big arguments.

    Yamaha recommends either 10w-40 or 20w50 oil for the V-Star 950. Is there any reason that I shouldn't use oil where the lower number is smaller, such as 5w-40 for example?

    My understanding is that the lower number is the viscosity when cold and the upper number is when the oil is at operating temperature. That would mean that a 5w-40 would flow better when cold than a 10w-40, but at operating temperature both would flow the same. Is that correct?

    The reason for my question is that I've seen Rotella T6 at Walmart for like $20/gallon and the last time I had the oil changed, the synthetic was $16/quart. I haven't found inexpensive 20w-50 synthetic (yet), but I haven't really looked too hard, either.

    Any thoughts or advice would be welcomed.

  2. GaryTJ15

    Me personally, I would have no problem with running the 5-40 wt oil. I am a fan of lighter oils.
    I would not go under the 40 hot spec, because of the air cooling, but like the idea of it getting through the motor faster cold.
    Just don'TSdart it cold and immediately go to wide open throttle.

  3. stevelittle

    Alot of people use the t-6. I will be switching to it next oil change...........

  4. quicgmicg

    5W-40 is just some of the new tech formulations. You'll be fine using it as long as the API service rating is close to what you need....


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