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  1. OndSdewe

    I just got my 2001 v-star. the hour ride home went great. Now that I am just fooling around with it, the oil light keeps coming on. oil level is fine. but light keeps coming on, even just sitting at idol in the driveway (level).
    Dealer says it's common as light indicates oil level not pressure, so light reacts to motion etc.
    Has any one had issue with this. Maybe a faulty sensor? Would like to hear others thoughts.
    thanks- steve

  2. dim

    my 2000 vstar started doing the same thing. the oil level is fine. I am not sure about the light indicating only oil level.I would think a red light would also indicate pressure.

  3. WhideSdar78

    The light does indicate level only. It has no connection to oil pressure. Some earlier models had a sensor with a small opening in it. This caused false signals. A common fix is to remove the sensor and drill the hole out to a larger size or to replace it with one from an '04 or later model which already has the larger opening. Even then you will get the occasional false light.

  4. dim

    where is the sensor located? and is it easy to get to and repair? thanks for your info

  5. ybzerra

    I have an oil light? Where?

  6. Ravhite

    I have an oil light? Where?

    It's the red light to the left of the green neutral indicator light on your dash.

  7. mririzh

    I have a 99 V* with the same light problem. I replaced the sensor and have not had a problem since. As far as location of sensor look under the rear wheel foot brake lever. On the bottom of the engine casing you will see a small cover, remove this cover and it will expose the sensor and the holding bolts. Remove holding bolts and twist sensor out. The friction you feel will be the "O" ring on the sensor.
    Before doing this drain the oil out of the crank case or replace sensor when you have to do an oil change.

  8. ritecabdain

    Have had itermittent problem same as you have light comes on as ignition is turned on then goes off after starting then after short dime will come on once again. I found that the problem relates to a highresistant earth return to the light.( by accident I might add) I undid the two hex head bolts that hold the switch in place and wiggled the switch back into position and the light went out.happened about 3 months later so did same proceedure and cleaned the surface contact at the switch and have not had the problem since Same model by the way. If neg wire or earth wire is broken then light will also come on as switch is normally closed it is a float that reacts to the oil level.
    Hope this helps.

  9. yerzejricg

    ...the oil light comes on and stays on! I guess i'm officially in the club now since mine just started yesterday but thanx to all for the advice in here, i wasn't worried about it. Level was fine and she ran fine all day. The weather has been PERFECT lately! Keep up the good advice...

  10. jkd4

    The oil level sensor is on the right side of the engine case. That is important because when the bike sits on the side stand it is leaning left, with the engine running and the small oil feed holes the oil level sensor indicates a low level. The Virago's had the same issue. If you really think you have a problem you need to have a oil pressure test done.


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