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  1. 320

    Ok, I don't have a manual for my 650 and its time to do that first oil change (for me, first one since I purchased this used)

    My question is, what kind of weight do I use for this model or a motorcycle for that matter. Thanks for the help.


  2. rocgman

    20w-50 summer 10w-40 winter

  3. Bulltok

    Ok, I don't have a manual for my 650
    MigejCojode posted a link to an online service manual for the 650. Click on the thread link below.

  4. ntderminador

    You can get a Clymer manual for around $25 on line or on eBay. Very valuable investment and cheap when you compare that price to the cost of even an oil change at the shop ( $59.99 hereabouts, $50 of which is labor).

    Even someone with my non-existent mechanical abilities can work on a bike with my Clymer manual at hand...

    20-50 when temps are above 40 degrees, 10-40 when below 40 degrees. Synthetic or regular is up to you. Synthetic makes engine run cooler, but costs quite a bit more. I'll use regular oil. In addition to being cheaper, I think it is better at suspending & moving metal bits & crud to the filter...

  5. tillikaff

    I use 10-40 synthetic. Whatever you use just make sure that it is a motorcycle specific oil for wet clutches.

  6. Sjperflj

    Royal Purple 20W50 Max-Cycle Synthetic Motorcycle Oil in both my 650 Star and Vic/kingpin, yes yes I know that it is $$$, but with 8k between changes and the performance I get from it. to me it's worth it

  7. Trollpj

    I changed my oil at 600 with regular MC oil and about 1200 miles switched to Amsoil 10w40 MC oil

    Expensive but the bike deserves it

  8. tmzcaine

    For my 600 mile oil change/service I put in Mobil 1 Synthetic V-Twin 20W50. As with some others, it's a bit on the pricey side ($8.69/qt) but my ride is worth it.

  9. 320

    All the information is much appreciated!


  10. MigejCojode

    10w40 Yamalube semi synth.


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