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Oil Filter Relocation Kit

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  1. fupar

    I understand the reasoning behind the relocation kit.

    When I look at the cap that houses the filter, unless I am looking at it wrong, I see the 3 screws that hold the cap in place. But, on the smaller cap that says "YAMAHA", I see 3 additional screws. Is it possible to remove the smaller cap only, and remove the filter, or is it neccessary to remove the larger cap?

    Does anyone else have the same setup?

    (The smaller cap screws onto the larger cap.)

    If I am confusing anyone, I will post pictures tonight, attempting to clarify what I am asking about.

  2. Jonezpoj

    When I had a 2000 1100, you remove the small cap to change the filter.

  3. fupar

    Can the filter be changed, just by removing the smaller cap, and not having to pull the exhaust off?
    If so, why do the later models need an ORK?

  4. 2WheelPik

    You have to remove the larger, odd \\-shaped cap to get to the filter. The smaller circular is just ornamental.

    As for why later models need ORK's, they don't . . . unless you feel like taking off your front exhaust each time . I'm not sure what MamaYama was thinking on the oil filter. Maybe that's why they suggest to change it only every other oil change.

  5. fupar

    This will be my 1st oil change on this bike. Not knowing how the previous owner took care (or didn't take care) of the bike, I want to do the oil change before taking any more long rides. And I would like to change to a synthetic oil. I can't do that, and only change the oil. (I'm sure a mix of dino oil & syn oil is just what my bike needs.)

    I've waited a while to get my bike. I think I'll wait a little longer, so that I can afford an ORK at the same time that I do the oil change.

  6. 2WheelPik

    I've often thought of getting an ORK for my bike, but they just seem pretty expensive for what they consist of. Plus I've heard many stories of leaking, stripping, etc.

    It'll probably be a matter of time before I get one, but I'm thinking of holding out for used.


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