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  1. yimbrajn

    Just wondering how many of you have done the oil filter relocation mod and if you have, would you recommend it to others?
    My wife is considering buying a '06 1100 Silverado, and the only thing that I can see that's a negative is the filter location. Any other issues with this bike?
    BTW, I love Yamaha. I have a '09 Raider and I love it!

  2. lucas674

    I have a 09 1100 classic and I love it! I did put the relo kit on and it was by far the best investment yet. I went with the Baron kit instead of the Jardine kit because I like the smooth chrome better than the chrome with the name Jardine stamped on it. I completely recomend this! You will find out once you take the exhaust off to put the kit on why it is so nice. Its a pain taking the exhaust off. The directions on how to do it is a joke. Its pretty self-explanitory but it doesn't tell you which bolts go where. there are 3 different lengths in bolts. I put them in and had a leak because I put too short of a bolt in one of the holes. I changed out the bolt for a longer one and haven't had a problem since. She will love the bike though! Welcome to the 1100 family! The raiders are sweet too!

  3. quicgmicg

    Actually you can usually get at the oil filter by just loosening the front exhaust bolts and the bolts at the rear mounting bracket, which isn't as hard as it sounds. Also consider that most people change oil only once a year, so it's not like you'd have to do all these things very often.

    However, the ORK and the addition of a spin on filter makes the whole process a snap to do. I have one and I can easily change oil in 15-20 minutes....but again, that is one time a year. You'll just have to justify spending $250-$300 for something that comes in handy only 5 times in 5 years under normal conditions.

  4. 78ordon

    The ORK is a personal preference thing. On the 1100 riders forum I have read of a few failures that were blamed on the ORK. I decided not to risk it. I can change my oil in 30 minutes without hassle. I run synthetic oil and the amount of miles I ride means 2 oil changes a year. No big deal plus I can get to areas that need cleaning while the exhaust and floorboard is out of the way. Here is some reading for you.

  5. bkman

    I have read of a few failures that were blamed...

    I've read these as well - I read them before I bought my ORK. I couldn't get enough information on these instances to prove to me, personally, that this was anything more than blame. My thoughts were that it could just as easliy been that they had their idle speed set too low, so the oil pressure was not high enough.

    Anyway, I use the one from Phat Performance and it works well. There is a Harley shop real close to where I work, so it's very convenient to go pick up a chromed oil filter any time I need one (of course there are other filters that also fit this relocation kit, too).

    My advice would be basically what quicgmicg said - if you don't know that your wife will ride 20,000 miles a year, you may want to save your money. It isn't THAT hard to get the pipe out of the way - the OEM exhaust is designed with this in mind. I only changed my oil one time with the OEM filter arrangement, but that front pipe came on in less than five minutes (my bike had pegs at the time - it is a custom - and I didn't have the floorboard in my way). The only reason I switched to an ORK is because I was installing a 2-into-1 exhaust system which does NOT come apart easily. That would have made oil changes a nightmare, so a relocation kit was really a necessity.

    I suggest getting the bike (if that's what she wants) and then see how often you are going to actually have to change the oil. If it's only once or twice a year AND you don't think you will be changing to an after-market exhaust system - one that may be difficult to remove / re-install at oil change time, you will probably never miss the ORK.

  6. recumpendpop

    Just wondering how many of you have done the oil...

    The 1100 is a good bike but B4 she makes her decision check out the 950.
    Spin on oil filter and dipstick to check oil with. My wife loves hers.

  7. aarona

    I like the relo kit . the new fillter is much larger than the OEM

  8. Destructo22

    I just did the first oil change on my 09 classic and pretty much ended up removing the mufflers and the front pipe entirely. I tried just by loosening everything but the filter and one of the cover bolts wouldn't come out.

    In reality it wasn't really that big of a deal though, most of the stuff came apart easily and I had no leaks afterwards.

    Although I do recommend putting the filler cap back in before firing it up! lol.

    The owners manual only says to change the filter at 600 miles, and then every 8k after that. I think if you followed changing the filter every 8k miles it wouldn't be so bad.

    I don't really have a problem running the filter 8k miles, that's not too many now days. Heck, most cars you can run 12k miles on an oil change, when I check my oil after a few thousands miles in the car its still pretty clean.

  9. tunc

    theres some links in here that has different type of ORK'S
    post 8

    Man Oh Man

  10. AiginudNY

    Which ever one you install be sure you remove the old oil filter! I was pushing for a record oil change and install on my ORK. I forgot to remove the old filter and my ORK would not seal properly, kept leaking. I even looked at the old filter cover and it never dawned on me that there was no filter laying there. bought new o-rings and went to install them thinking that I had cut or shifted one.

    Oil changes are so much simpler now! Pull plug, catch old oil, remove oil filter, replace oil filter, replace plug, refill oil, start and check for leaks. Go for a ride!


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