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oil filter relocation

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  1. daikzdar

    Hi guys ...Glad I found this forum...

    I am a new owner of a 05 vstar 1100 Classic..

    is the oil filter relocation kit a necessity...?


  2. rzchafer2

    I don't think so. I haven't put one on my 06 yet. Maybe someday if I get tired of the extra work to change the filter.

  3. daikzdar

    Thanks.....I need to change my oil and was just wanting to know if I should add a Relocation kit.....Think I will hold off a bit....Thanks

  4. bkman

    The relocation kit is a big help if you have an after-market exhaust system installed and it is not easy to remove the front pipe. The OEM pipes (and perhaps SOME aftermarket ones) are designed with easy removal in mind. So, if you stay with the OEM exhaust, you'll probably never miss having a relocation kit.

    You will eventually wear out your front exhaust gasket, and have to replace it. That only costs a few dollars, though, and will probably never exceed the price of a relocation kit - even if you ride 100,000 miles or more.

  5. tunc

    na its not a nessesity only makes it quicker to do the change

    heaps of threads on this mod if ya look back thru em
    might help ya decide

  6. daikzdar

    Thanks alot guys ...

    I will probably get one later but want to Bling it out first......


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