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Oil filter question

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  1. zecdion2yoe

    I'm trying to learn how to work on my bike. I not to familiar with working on any types of engines. I bought some Ziv's forward controls and I'm going to be getting a new exhaust and K&N air filter. I figure that I should change the oil/filter when I do all my work. I need to know what parts of the exhaust I need to take off in order to change the filter. I believe I'll be buying A COBRA DRAG exhaust and I know that it's semi full system. Will I need to remove the front header in order to change the filter? Is this a job I should do on my own? Can one person do all this work or will I need someone to help me?
    thanks guys

  2. MigejCojode

    The front headpipe stays with that style exhaust and you don't have to remove it to do the oilchange. The filter change it self is a relatively easy procedure and can be done yourself. Just be careful with the center bolt for some unknown reason they like to strip on retighten; just so happens that one goes dead center between the case halves.


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