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Oil filter for Barons ORK

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  1. tawetean842

    Any one know what the Fram or Mobil oil filter number is that will fit on a Barons ORK? 2002 VStar 1100 VStar Custom. I read that Fram or Mobil filters are the best you can buy, as long as you buy the deluxe model. In addition, I also read that K&N oil filters are made by HiFlo and both have very low ratings .Thanks

  2. quicgmicg

    Here you go.... from the KB
    ************************************************** *******
    Oil filters for the BARON'S ORK

    Just ask for an Equivalent Roadstar (99 to present) filter:
    (note: these are all metric filters)

    Yamaha 3FV-13440-00
    Perf-form (J-503 black) or (J-503C for chrome)
    Amsoil (SDF13 or SMF103 black) or (SMF103C for chrome)
    EMGO (10-82230 black) or (10-82220 for chrome)
    Bosch (3300)
    Fram (6017A) Fram also makes a Chrome one pn?????
    Hastings (LF-113)
    HIFLO (HF303) or (HF303C for chrome)
    K&N (KN-303) or (KN-303C for chrome)
    NAPA Gold (1358)
    Purolator (ML16817)
    STP (SDF13)
    Wix (51358)
    ************************************************** ***********

    Hope that helps.....

  3. quicgmicg

    Any one know what the Fram or Mobil oil filter...
    As for these filters....This is just my opinion.... K&N is a good filter. FRAM is junk, even their high end filters.

    Here are some pics of filters I cut apart. the truth is in the pudding as they say..

    Notice the amount of paper in the FRAM compared to the NAPA (made by Wix) filter? Also there is a difference in the quality of the bypass valves and springs in the filters.

    I'm not one to bad mouth many things, but it's nice to actually see what's inside that orange can...... not much!

  4. zoc47408

    Excellent response to the post, QM!

    The photo explains it all!

    I use FRAM filters for my car, but after your unbiased comparison, will discontinue buying FRAM.


  5. retzdaret

    That's the nice thing about cartage filters. You can see what your getting. Wix and K&N are both great filters.

  6. tunc

    not to throw a spanner in the works
    but how do those 2 in the pics compare to a original filter for the amount of paper in it
    only reason i ask i bought a paper air filter for a car as a replacement that had prob 50% more paper than the genuine thinkin it was better but it actually was worse for the performance and fuel economy of it

    would to much filter paper in the O/Filter make the pump work harder or slow /restrict the flow as to what the original has + its got a bit further to go with a ork

  7. quicgmicg

    tunc, you're not throwing a wrench in at all.

    More and deeper pleats simply means more surface area for air or oil to travel though. Which in turn means LESS restriction instead of more (within reason of course). The type of paper also has a big effect, the more expensive filters generally use more modern materials to insure better performance.

    Another consideration for "surface area" is that when a filter begins to get dirty, fewer pleats means more restriction in less time.

    These filters are designed to match or exceed the OEM equivalent for air and oil flow to insure proper lubrication and performance.

    Also on the picture of the 2 oil filters, notice the bypass spring on the top. One pressure spike and the one of the FRAM is flattened...putting the filter on full divert (meaning no oil is is simply all diverted straight back into the motor)...and you'd never even know it.....scary thought, huh?

    Oil in an oil filter travels from inside the filter out, so the dirt is trapped inside the filter. The FRAM has an open top made of cardboard..... dirty oil and debris is being forced thought the top and I've seen the cardboard ends disfigured leaking more dirty oil.....

    It only takes about 5 minutes and a hacksaw to cut a filter apart... we've done it with heavy equipment when doing oil analysis and took it a little further into automotive filters... and it is a wonderful education to actually see whats inside!

    I hope that made sense...

  8. md950

    I have to agree, Fram filters have always been crap! I have even heard that earlier filters from "Fram" have had the paper fall apart and ruin engines.... Stay with Wix or Napa, etc. - You normally get what you pay for. Ther's my 2 cents.

    As for these filters....This is just my opinion.... K&N is...

  9. tawetean842

    Thanks for the heads up. I'll stay away from Fram. Anybody know where I can find chrome slip on covers to fit the filter body?

  10. poppj

    here you go.... From the kb************************************************** *******oil filters...
    quicgmicg.....what do you think of the stock yamaha 1100 filter.....thanks b


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