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Oil dispenser with spout

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  1. einzdan

    I was at the dealer's on Saturday and saw a mechanic fill a small, maybe 5 quart container with motor oil from a 55 gallon drum.

    I was kind of like a watering can with a spout, and it had a screw on cover to prevent spilling from the top when you pour.

    I thought it was a great way to add oil to your engine and searched for it online but could only find a product made by Lisle, but its top was open so I could see a potential for a mishap with it if you weren't extremely careful when you're pouring it.

    Does anyone know where to get a covered one?


  2. retzdaret

    Google Oil can and you will get a bunch of matches. Here is just one,

    They are designed for lubing more than filling, but I guess it would work for both.

  3. TheGoltj

    Here's one that is more like the ones the old-time mechanics used to use. The spout pours from the bottom, so the can itself stays upright.

  4. quicgmicg

    NAPA has them on the shelf.


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