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Oil change time

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  1. 1662Ken

    I suppose everyone has their favorite brand of oil but do any of you know or can prove whether Yamaha brand oil is better for the 1100 V-Star engine?

    I tried the "Full-Syn 15W-50 Yamalube" oil last year and it worked ok but still I felt the geartrain clunk was more noticable than I was expecting. Perhaps I'm just overly sensitive to it, but I figured ask here in this forum and get a better grasp on what works.

    Not that I think it matters here but perhaps I should mention that I also installed the Jardine ORK on my bike too. That way my filter change doesn't require the exhaust pipe removal and the filter spins on like the Road Star's. Also my bike is a 2007 with just under 6000 miles.


  2. Sduplyumbr

    I switched to Amsoil 20w-50 and I thought i quieted the motor a bit from the previous oil. I am not sure what it was but the PO assured me that it was fresh oil. I changed it when I got home anyways. That is my experieince but I am sure there are lots of preferences, just like there are brands of oil none of which are really bad as long as they meet manufactureres specs.l

  3. bkman

    The only thing I can tell you is that I started using synthetic diesel truck oil in my bike (it was recommended by some motorcycle mechanics I trust) when my bike had about 3000 miles on it. The clutch is smoother with the synthetic. That was almost 5000 miles ago, and my bike seems perfectly happy with it. Other than that, I'd say the most important thing is to change the oil. As long as it is the correct weight and has no friction modifiers in it (as many automotive oils do), you probably can't go too far wrong.

    With an ORK, the other thing I'd recommend is to pour a bunch of fresh oil in the filter before you spin it on. It takes less time to fill up the filter that way, and oil pressure builds faster.

  4. 1662Ken

    Thanks for the input guys. I do like your suggestion about pre-filling the oil filter, and and have always made a point to do that on my auto filters. I'll add as much as I can get in there on the V-star too.

  5. 1662Ken

    Thanks for the input guys. And bkman that oil filter pre-fill is a great idea. I always do that on my auto filters, so it makes perfect sense to on the bike as well. I learned a long time ago the oil light goes out much faster when the filter has oil in there - bound to be better for the motor.

  6. tunc

    ken theres a million different opinions on oils im sure
    i use a full synthetic that i can get down here so no use me tellin ya brands cause they will differ to what ya get up that way
    but type oils into the search bit up the top hit go theres a lot of old threads on here about oils

    happy readin


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