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Oil change - rocker arm bolt

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  1. nicgc

    I am in the midst of my first oil change, I'm kicking myself because i didn't read the instructions/manual all the way through before starting.

    I picked up my filter/oil, and started in on it. Then I read I need to pull the exhaust so back to the parts store to buy exhaust gaskets. (which turned into driving to 2 different stores as the local (within 20 mins) was out, so I had to drive to the bigger shop).

    got the oil changed, its really not that bad once you know what your doing.

    But my Clymer tells me I need to pull the intake rocker arm bolt from the rear cyl head. But they don't show you a picture of one. I used the glossary to find a picture of one but it doesn't give a location listing just a picture of it. great, thanks for the help.

    Where the heck is it located and do you all do the "seep test" after each oil change?

    Im used to the process, as my old 92 SECA II had a similar procedure but instead it had a nice easy to access bolt in the head for this exact process.

  2. vakonman

    Hey nicgc,
    I also did my first oil change on my 1100 today. I wondered about that reference to the "seep test" for proper oil presure too and didn't see any more info on it in the Clymer manual either. I sat on my bike when I started it up after I was finished and with a small hand held mirror I watched the oil drain down in the site glass. It drained quite quickly all 3 times (I needed to top it up to the proper level) that I started the bike . I figured that if the oil was being drawn down that quickly there must be good oil pressure.

  3. retzdaret

    I read that too but have never done it. I would not worry about it. As long as it sucked oil up to the filter and you had to fill some more, it's got pressure.

  4. yaro

    How much oil does it take if you have an ORK installed? Is the 4 bottles enough?

  5. bkman

    I use just about four quarts to fill mine up. My ORK (the Phat Performance model) uses a standard, full-size Harley-Davidson oil filter which, all by iself, holds most of a quart of oil. I am not sure how large the filters are on the other brands of ORKs, but I think they're all about the same. I buy the gallon jugs of oil, and I always have just a wee bit left over when my oil level reaches about half-way up the sight glass. If i put the whole gallon in, it would be probably above the top of the sight glass.

  6. yaro

    Thanks for the info. I'm planning to buy Amsoil or Castrol and I have to order it online. No stores in my area carry them. I wanted to make sure that 1 gallon will be enough. I have Jardine ORK, but I think filters are standard size.

  7. 2clazzic

    I have a Jardine ORK also, and a gallon will do - with about a pint to spare.

    Good luck.


  8. LiddleBen

    I have never done a seep test, However I do fill my filter before I install it on the ORK. my filter is vertical so this can be done. I use the same H.D. filters that bkman uses. I have the PER-FORM ORK and I guess they are about the same. Mine uses about 1 gallon with a bout 8 or 10 ounces leftover out of the gallon.,L.B.

  9. Mige

    some good info here. also has links to shop manuals.


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