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oil change on a custom 1100 vstar

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  1. 178CuzdomSdar409

    do i have to remove the front exhaust pipe to change the oil and filter on a custom...or is that just for the classic and silverado.

    also where can i pick up the right filter ,oil, and oil rings that i need to do this job...over2u

  2. kamezbanger

    Yes, you have to remove it to get the filter out on a custom.

    I get my stuff from the dealer...there is probably a better way to do it, but I just put Yamalube in it and get the filter from them. I am not sure what rings you need to change the oil...I did not change any rings, but then again...I just got my instructions off of the internet instead of the manual.

  3. 178CuzdomSdar409
    # the oil filter the only reason i have to remove my front exhaust pipe?

  4. bkman

    Quote: the oil filter the only reason i have to remove my front exhaust pipe?
    Unless you are changing your exhaust, yes.

    ORKs (Oil filter Relocation Kits) are expensive and some people really don't like the idea, but I wouldn't have a V-Star without one. Besides, I am too ham-fisted to even think I could consistently remove the front pipe and never drop it or step on it, forever denting or scratching the nice chromed heat shield!

    If you stick with the OEM pipes, however, it really isn't that difficult to remove the front one. You just have to make sure you get the front crush gasket back in place or you will have an exhaust leak. It probably only takes about fifteen minutes longer to change the oil when removing the pipe than it does with an ORK. For me, an ORK was more of a necessity because of the aftermarket exhaust I chose.


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