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Oil Change on 1100 Classic

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  1. gzlant5

    They should both have studs, you are looking at the connection between the rear angle pipe, not where it attaches to the head

  2. Bamazcood

    Me too, Ksland,

    To me, it's not that big a hassle doing the pipe thingy, and gives me a chance to give all the stuff there a good visual, and check all the tightness of the bolts,,etc.,
    Can actually do it in about 30 minutes, give or take a few minutes. And I've heard about some of the ORK kit's lines leaking. So I guess you have to use your own discretion about changing the oil. By the way,,have used Valvoline 20/W/50 in bike since new, and never had a bit of trouble. Just can't force myself to pay over 10 dollars a quart for oil!...

  3. 2DDattj

    This is why I like this forum. You get information from both sides.
    I want to put an ORK on my classic, but it will have to wait.
    So the info both ways is good for me.



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