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oil change interval?

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  1. KeidhB

    After the initial 600 mile change, how often do you change oil and filter?

    I have always done mine at 2500 miles on my other bikes

  2. SLK929

    I know of guys who change every 2000 miles, some at every 3000, and others who just follow Yamaha recommendation. I have always followed Yamahas recommendation of 600 for the first then at 4000 mile mark and then every 4000 there after. The only time I have ever deviated is if I was doing some engine mod and had the bike tore down, then when putting it back together I would put in new oil, but stayed with the recommended next change. So if I did a mod at 6500 I would put in new oil and do the next change at 8000 just so I would be able to keep track of changes. I never had a problem and the last bike is running just as strong as when it god it mods put on even though it is now 20000 miles later.

    My Raider is on the same path. I did the 600 mile change and will do the 4000mile and then the 8000 and so on.


  3. yjmmjyajmez

    I was told to do the next change, after the initial 600, at the 4500 mile mark, by Yamaha. When I did it the other day, at 4080, the oil still looked good, it was not dark and still looked quite fresh. My gut instinct told me i could have stretched it to 5000, and that was petrolium oil. With the Rotella T synth in there, I am guessing 6000 is reasonable. I plan on inspecting the oil at 5k to get an idea.


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