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oil change

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  1. wzdar6

    i just finished changing the oil! man,do i love the O.R.K.!! took longer to warm the bike up than to change the oil and filter. i changed the oil after 2000 miles and is the first change after installing the ork. it wouldn't be changed this soon if i had to remove the pipes. just changed it early because the shifting was rough with the 10w30. i decided to try syn. because of all the praise it gets on this site. couldn't find any amsoil in my area. i found some mobil 1 v-twin 20w50. can't wait to try it out . going to ride after lunch. temp is suppose to get up to 60 deg. will report on shifting change. i hope it helps.

  2. Ravhite

    I look forward to reading your post on the synthetic, I think you'll be pleased.

  3. wzdar6

    the shifting is much better with the syn. over the 10w30 oil. had a nice afternoon ride. the temp. was in the mid 50's didn't get to low 60's like predicted. everything was great until i had to head west into the setting sun. even with sunglasses i had to squint the eyes. picked up bbq boston butt cooked at the masonic lodge. it was still hot after a 15 mile ride home. nothing like the taste of hickory smoke on a piece of pig meat!! thinking of a ride around the block to see how the passing lamps do. haven't rode after dark since working on the alignment.

  4. wzdar6

    what a difference the passing lamps made. i feel more confident now that the shoulder of the road is lit up!! lots of deer in my area. enjoyed the ride. i didn't want to stop riding but told my wife just going around the block. can't wait till summertime. think i'll be doing more nite riding next year.


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