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  1. enolz2

    ouestion? change the oil on this 1100 is something, anyone tell me a better way, the filter set up needs more thought, can it be rerouted? i would rather change filter with every oil change, drop the pipe in order to change filter sucks.

  2. vstarrider281

    Yea, I have an 07 1100 Silverado. Haven't changed the oil yet but I have read up. Oil filter relocation kits are available but they are up in price and I haven't made any real considerations yet to purchase one. Going in for the 600mi full service this week. Thereafter I will change the oil myself and make a final thought then.

  3. enolz2

    did change (at) 3k past date, not the filter, will ck. 4 relocation kit? if price is right. will post.

  4. Coolpreese

    Yessss....same problem. See my post on "Oil Filter Location" posted on 7-9-07.

  5. pero455

    I have an 07 1100 Silverado too. Oil filter relocation kits are available at around $350 and the waiting time is close to a month. Now I have over two thousand miles in it. after they porformed a full service this last month.for $420 she is much smoother more responsive. And most importantly: Yamaha changed the yellowing front pipe under the factory waranty.
    Change the oil yourself???? if something goes wrong with your bike, yamaha might say because of the relocating kit.....and your waranty is out of question.
    I'm 6'1" and I find the seat very unconfortable after half an hour.
    any suggestion to change the angle so the seat wont lean forward?
    or just buy an after market product.

  6. vstarrider281

    I'm taking mine in on Friday, I'll ask the dealer about warranty and the filter relocation kit. Seriously, is there a valid reason for this design? I have nothing but good about Mustang seats, pricey but highly recommended from friends. I haven't been on a long trip yet with the stock seat. I'll post back after talking with the dealer.

  7. Ravhite

    I'm taking mine in on Friday, I'll ask the dealer...
    If they tell you it will violate the warranty advise them of the fact that they are in violation of federal law.............

  8. Coolpreese

    Here is a websit that addresses this problem.

    Hope this helps.

  9. enolz2

    did price ck. on kits, too high 4 this old man, got a group of riders that will lend a hand when needed. thank GOD for bikers!!!!!!

  10. vstarrider281

    All, adding the oil filter relo kit does not void the warranty and they recommended the Baron kit (I personally have considered the Jardine kit for $253). The dealer actually mentioned that it would cost me $20 less for the oil change. Hope this clears up the warranty question. Now I have to review the link Ravhite provided.


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