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Odd Tire Wear

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  1. RetSdar365

    My front tire wore out rather quickly( twice as fast as the rear ), and only on the left side of the tire. I contacted the dealer and all they will say is that it is normal and I have to buy a new tire, they wont even talk with me unless I am going to buy a new tire. I have ridden sport bikes for years and never had anything like this happen, or even heard of it, so why would it happen on a cruiser? I was wondering if anyone else had experienced this or known of it happening? Any ideas about what the problem may be? Thanks!

  2. yoyo

    frist off its not normal... i went through 2 rear tires before replacing the front at 25,000 miles. underinflation is usauly the problem.

  3. dez1877

    I've got almost 15,000 on my front tire, and I see one side wearing more than the other. It's not underinflated, as I keep 39-40 lbs psi in it most of the time. But it makes sense to me that one side wears more because our roads have a pitch (or crown) to them to allow the water to run off when it rains here in Florida. Plus, with all the shell in the asphalt makes for a much rougher surface to drive on than those of you that live north. I can't get as many miles out of a tire as the northerners can.

    With many of the roads I ride on, I can definitely see the pitch of the road. And in Florida, I mostly ride in pretty much a straight line anyway, not a lot of twisties. The wearing of one side makes sense to me.

  4. RetSdar365

    The roads are similar here in Texas, right outside of Houston. The inflation is correct, that was the first thing I checked. I only have 6,000 miles on the bike and these are the stock tires. I have a slight lean to the right because of a back injury, which was always present in the tire wear on my sportbikes. This is why I was asking about the excessive wear on the left side of the front tire. I am begining to think the tire is just junk and needs to be replaced anyways. Any suggestions on brands, I am new to the crusier world I dont really know what is good for this style of motorcycle.

  5. wzdar6

    I Don't Think The Front Tire Wearing Out Before The Rear Is Normal. My Rear Was Replaced At 8,000 Miles. I Do Alot Of Mountain Riding And Downshifting So I Expected To Wear The Rear Out First. I Plan To Replace The Front When Replacing The Rear The Next Time. It Looks Like The Front Will Last Till I Wear Out The Rear. I've Got 4,000 On My 2nd Rear Tire And Everything Looks Ok.

  6. 1CuzdominFL

    I rode my 1100 custom from Cape Coral to Tallahassee andback last week, about 800 miles total. When I got back I noticed the same thing with the front tire wearing more on one side. I'm thinking the crowning of the roads down here is to blame as well.

  7. frok

    I would be checking wheel alignment ASAP....

  8. fupar

    I am also from Houston. And I have the uneven wear, too.

    One of our moderators (Rawhide) explained the uneven wear on the left side of the front tire something like this:

    Most of the time, we make longer left turn raduis' than we do right turns. Therefore, the left side will wear out faster. Having a crown in the middle of the road is also a cause of the wear. I think that Rawhide (or it might have been another one of our members) said that over in England, their front tires have the uneven front tire wear on the right side, because they ride on the opposite side of the road.

    Search the forum. You will read about the uneven tire wear problem more in depth. I'm sure that I didn't explain this fully.


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