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NYS Inspections and Aux lights on my Strat S

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  1. FreeMVS

    I called my dealer yesterday because my 2007 Strat S has blown the inline fuse in the headlamp cell for the second year in a row that supplies power to the factory Aux lights. Did not want to run it back to the dealer for a simple fuse, so I opened it up, and installed a replacement 3 amp fuse that was blown. Seemed small. Put back together and Still no lights. Im going to recheck, and back to the dealer it will go. They could not give me the correct size as it was not listed in their books. They were going to call Yamaha Accesories and see what the right size is. But I also discussed a slip on or complete set of pipes and they told me that one of their techs just came back from taking his NYS inspectors exam and they informed him that starting in 2012 that all afterMarget pipes that affect the emissions will not pass inspection. So need to keep stock pipes and that the Power Commanders and others will also cause failures. So everyone will have to put bikes back to stock before inspection, etc. And Johnny Law will be cracking down. Whats the world coming to?

  2. Goadlocger69

    UnfortuNadely this is Johnny Laws response to riders who put on excessively loud pipes and is exactly what the AMA has been warning about for years. I just hope that other states don't follow suit but I wouldn't bet on it.

  3. yhoower

    Thanks for the link Goat it was very informative. One question though ............ What's excessive? The AMA didn't provide a standard for sound level (unless I missed it).

  4. Goadlocger69

    Thanks for the link Goat it was very informative. One...

    They didn't provide a "standard" because they hoped that bikers would realize what was coming and use "reasonable" self standards. UnfortuNadely many bikers didn't listen or didn't believe that laws like New Yorks would ever be enforced (even though most states already have exhaust laws on the books).

    But for the most part, straight pipes are pretty much excessive. If people are turning around and ducking because they think you are about to run them over even though you are still a block away, that's excessive. But if you want an exact "standard" to follow before putting the baffles back in your pipes, don't worry, Johnny Law will take care of that sooner than you think. Of course if we wait that long then it will be too late.

    Unless WE self regulate you can expect stricter and stricter laws until every bike sounds like the Jettson's car.

    BTW, Click here to read about Minnesota's laws

  5. FreeMVS

    A follow up to my Aux light issue. After studying the service manual, the power comes from the 20 amp lighing fuse and then through light switch for aux lights, down to fuse holder in Heatlikhd. That fuse was a 3 amp that was in and blown. Replaced by my dealer last year and blew again this year. Shocked it lasted this long. Ohms law is easy. You have a total load of 80 watts in light pair, a 5 and 35 in each aux lamp. This is approximately 7 1/2 amps. Good luck in finding one though. So I installed a 10 amp. The wires are 16 gauge which are rated at 10 amps. Checked all connections for tightness and fit. All is well. Shared this info with my dealers mechanic. He agreed that it is the correct choice and good repair. So no warranty issues. Hopes this helps other Strat and Roadliner riders who may experience a similar problem. From this education, I have found out that the Roadies are pretty much the same.


  6. demingrick24

    Whats the world coming to? ...

    Not the whole world, Dude. Just your state.

    Having traveled through every state in the continental U.S., I believe New York to be the money-grubbingest (is that a word?) state of them all.

    The whole roadside checkpoint, state inspection, emissions, noise level thing for motorcycles is nothing but another way for your state to reach into your pocket for more money.

    I guess endless toll roads/bridges and out of control taxes aren't enough for them.

    You couldn't pay me enough money to live in that part of the country.


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