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  1. frok

    Went to fire her up this morning put into nuetral..light was on...hit the starter and it fired and launched itself towards the garage door...lucky for me still had hand on right side and could hit kill switch...can only assume it was not exactly out of gear and light coming on allowed it to start...Anyone else experienced this

  2. auzzie808

    Hey frok, never had that, but 2 or 3 times I have stopped at a toll booth and knocked it into neutral, paid the toll and kicked it back into 1st, and it has not taken.
    It's a bit embarrassing when you let the clutch go and you stay sitting there!
    But, it's only done it after a run of more than 1 1/2 hours at 120 k/ph.
    Each time there has been the sound of "clunk" into gear, but no go...

  3. 9Sdarz

    frok, I have had this happen with other bike but not this one. Now I always double check the gear before I hit the starter, giver a click down into first and than back up to nuetral.

  4. VRIDER686

    I've Had "false Neutrals" On Several Other Bikes, But Not This One
    Whenever I Put My Bike In Neutral I Let The Cluthch Out Real Slow At First To Make Sure, You Only Have To Have This Happen A Coupla Times To Get Educated,

  5. gramer2g

    I had such occurrences on my CBR600RR when I had it. I have had the situation occur where I punch it into neutral and it doesn't quite engage. But I just bump it again and it's fine. I've never seen the N light come on with it actually being in Neutral. Thanks goodness! *knocks on wood*

  6. clee85

    Check your clutch cable tension! C.

  7. Peapotj

    I wonder if that "harmless clutch basket noise" isn't so harmless?

  8. wzdar6

    frok your experience has made me paranoid about warming my bike up without sitting on it. i flinch when i hit the start switch.

  9. A1zbordztat

    I always start with the clutch in whether in neutral or not. I have had some false neutrals in the past.


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