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noticed it has gotten harder to shift gears

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  1. villiamzdly186

    Has anyone had this prob.? Its just very stiff.

  2. Bulltok

    Have you adjusted your clutch lever adjuster to take out any excess clutch cable slack? There should be like an 1/8 inch play in the clutch lever.

  3. quicgmicg

    Mine did the same thing. The lever stopped returning. I've read that there is a screw that holds the shift drum in place that comes loose and as it backs out it binds up the shift mechanism. The only trouble is that it's really hard to get to. The left side cover has to come off and I think you need to have a generator rotor tool to remove the rotor to get to the shift shaft. They say that it only gets worse as the screw loosens more and can leave you totally unable to shift. (not good) I'm not sure if there is another way to remove the rotor....

    man..I hope that made sense...........


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